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Veet is one of Reckitt Benckiser’s most popular and internationally recognised depilatory brands. They offer a wide selection of hair removal products, that range from hair minimising moisturisers to easy wax solutions. Veet has built a strong reputation that spans over 80 years providing consumers with products that are user friendly, effective and safe.

Sonin worked with Veet to create a new Facebook page where users can access the latest beauty tips, fashion advice and trends. In addition a matching Veet YouTube channel was created which was linked to the Facebook page where how-to tutorials and competition information could be accessed. Other features of the Facebook page included a Veet Fashion section, where news from the London Fashion Week could be accessed directly from their Twitter feed.

To promote brand interaction, a Britain’s Greatest Legs competition was also set up. This allowed customers to upload photos of their legs and create a “leg profile” where fellow Facebookers could vote for Britain’s Greatest Legs.

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