Return on Your Technology Investment

Today, it’s easier than ever to build a digital product. What matters is whether it’s the right product. That requires a different approach.

Our approach to digital product development is centred around providing a return on your technology investment.

Will it meet your business objectives? Will people use it? Will they love it enough to become advocates for your app? Is it going to provide a return on your investment and deliver the results your business expects?

These are the questions we can help you answer. Whether you’re looking to launch a new digital product or improve an existing one, we will work together to make sure your app adds value.

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OpenAir Med

Personalised and Proactive Healthcare Advice.

Empowering patients to live safe, independent, and uninhibited lives without having to worry about when their next attack may be.

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We interrogate your idea or evaluate your existing product to make sure it’s going to deliver the right results.

During product discovery, we interview the people in your target market, create detailed user personas that help us understand what they want, and map out the user journey they take to achieve it.

We use this to build an ironclad business case and detailed roadmap that ensures there’s a market or demand for your product behind it before you spend a single penny on the actual build.

Digital Product Strategy

Your app needs the right digital product strategy behind it. It aligns your team with a focused value proposition and the right feature set to support it.

In the rush to get to market and add innovations, it’s easy to build a swiss army app. Think of it like a product that does lots of things poorly rather than one thing – the right thing – exceptionally well.

We work with you to build a digital product strategy that balances your business goals with what your users want to achieve.

Let’s build the right product, together.

Digital Product Audit

Our proven process for auditing existing digital products helps you figure out the areas where you can improve the return on your technology investment.

Do you have an existing app that’s not meeting expectations? Do you have conflicting user feedback and are unsure how to act on it?

Your digital product has to create value for both your users and your business. If it isn’t, our team of digital product experts will quickly evaluate the pain points holding your app back from both a design and technical perspective.

We then work with you to prioritise areas of improvement, taking into account effort, impact, and risk to build a roadmap that brings your product back on track to deliver the results you need it to.

Research & Development

Every great app is built off a deep understanding of what users want and more importantly why. Research and development is essential to this.

Research and development is a scientific approach to spotting and prioritising the opportunities where we can increase your product’s return on investment.

By working in fast highly focused design sprints, we can test hypotheses in rapid succession to help you move much faster and create compounding value over time. Our digital product consultants will work closely with you to create a valuable asset, not just an app.

Sharing in Your Success

We care about creating digital products that exceed the expectations of your business and your users. When you win, we win.

It’s this tried and tested approach that has helped us to build award-winning digital products like Student Swipe – a proptech platform that’s used by students and landlords all across the UK, has received recognition in the property industry and processed millions in payments to date.

Let’s build the right product, together.