Ongoing Support for the Full Product Lifecycle

With our full product lifecycle support team, you’ll realise the full benefit of your digital product for years to come.

Projects are finite – a successful project is finished on time with a list of completed checkboxes. A successful digital product is a long-term asset to your business. It’s an ongoing, iterative solution that adds an increasing amount of value over time.

Our full product lifecycle support services support desk makes sure your digital product stays secure and scalable with rolling updates and patches.

We also embed analytics into your app proactively spot the opportunities where we can add value. Combining these insights with regular user interviews and testing, we feed this into your future product roadmap. This way, we can be sure that every iteration includes the right set of features that will deliver the results you and your users need them to.

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Helping every customer find the perfect product for their needs.

Helping every Watco customer to find the perfect product for their needs. Supporting them at every step of entire buyer journey – from research all the way through to ongoing maintenance.

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Roadmapping & Product Support

Your roadmap has to evolve with your digital product if it’s going to deliver the results you need it to over time.

We continuously refresh your roadmap to prioritise the right features. To identify those features, we draw from the data analytics embedded in your app to prove those that will have the most impact on your users and your business goals.

Having an up-to-date roadmap that’s aligned with your latest digital business strategy is essential to your product’s long-term success. It aligns everyone in the right direction where your time and resources will produce the highest return on investment over the longest period of time.

Data Analytics

We use data analytics to inform every decision we make and maximise the value of your digital product.

We embed analytics into your app to track how users interact with every single screen and each element. This wealth of data tells us whether we’re solving your users’ pressing problems in the most effective and intuitive way.

It also helps us understand whether we’re striking the right balance between helping your users achieve their goals while also making sure we exceed the expectations of your business. This way, we can work together over time to increase the value it provides to your users and your business.

Proactive Performance Management

Our approach to ongoing support detects potential problems early so they don’t impact the user experience of your app and your return on investment.

We constantly monitor your app – both from a technical perspective and its user experience design – to spot any issues or opportunities where we can improve its performance. The insights we uncover fuel focused development and design sprints where we can rapidly resolve pain points and improve the efficiency of your app’s user journey.

Our proactive digital product performance management service makes sure that your app continues to work flawlessly and that it always exceeds users’ expectations. This way, it continues to drive the results your business expects.

Build the right product with our full product lifecycle support

Rolling Security and Library Patches

Rolling updates and patches provide you with the peace of mind your digital product will always be protected against any new threats or vulnerabilities.

Our expert product team keeps up-to-date on the latest news and upcoming platform changes that could impact the security or stability of your app. We also do this to make sure that your app adheres to the latest guidelines and applies the best practices for accessibility and usability.

By keeping your app secure and up-to-date, we can safeguard its reputation and resilience while also maintaining a strong retention rate. With this foundation in place, every pound you spend on development will go further.

Support Desk

Our support desk will take care of your app. That way, we can work together on the digital business strategy behind it.

Users’ expectations are sky-high. They demand the same slick experience from your digital product as they do all the other apps they use every day. That’s why downtime isn’t an option and bugs have to be fixed fast.

Our support desk is ready to address any issue that presents itself quickly and cost-effectively – whether it’s a performance update, user experience design improvement or acting on feedback from user suggestions. This way, we can work with you on building the right strategy behind your app without having to worry about the small details.

Building an invaluable asset with lifecycle support.

We’re working with the UK’s leading industrial paint manufacturer to open up a completely new revenue stream.

Too often B2B apps get a pass for delivering a user experience that’s lacking. Watco knew if it was going to create a completely new revenue stream with its app, the experience had to be seamless. Our product lifecycle support helped Watco fine-tune a solution that empowers a world-class customer support team to drive customer satisfaction long beyond the point of purchase.

Build the right product with our full product lifecycle support