Return on Your Technology Investment

If your digital product isn’t meeting expectations, you need to understand why. More importantly, you need to understand where to start.

Our app audit process is built with a single goal in mind: to make sure you’re getting a return on your technology investment.

Every digital product has quick-win opportunities where small changes make a big difference to the value it creates – both for the users and the business behind it.

An app audit and discovery workshop will highlight where those opportunities are for your digital product and the order in which you should attack them to deliver the results you need for your business to grow.

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Streamlining Site Discovery into a Single, Efficient Solution

Sonin partnered with Land Tech to build a bespoke iOS and Android platform to complement their successful desktop app.

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Technical Review

When your tech stack is too simple or too complex, you can end up with a platform that leaks money, loses revenue, and progresses slowly. The wrong approach, tools, and tech can stop you from growing at all.

The right product that delivers the right results for your business needs the right technology behind it. Without it, you run the risk of consistently introducing new bugs and issues into your app.

A full technical review shows you opportunities where you can improve the performance, efficiency, and scalability of your digital product so that it grows with your business and creates long-lasting value.

UX/UI Design Review

Users today expect a lot from your digital product. If your app doesn’t exceed these expectations, then you’ll struggle to keep them.

A thorough UX review will show you the biggest hurdles in your app experience – the problems that prevent your users from achieving their desired outcomes. But just as important, it also highlights the delightful moments that you need to keep.

We’ll map out the user journey from start to finish so that we can remove the biggest points of friction throughout. We’ll use a range of methods like A/B testing and impact effort mapping to the usability, accessibility, and functionality of your app so we can get it back on track to deliver the results you need it to.

App Analytics

App analytics are the bridge between your business goals and what your users want.

Analytics are an essential component of any successful digital product that delivers long-term value. You need to understand how your users interact with your app, where they’re experiencing pain points, and what you can do to improve their user experience.

We work with you to map out your user journey and put in place the right analytics tools to measure how well you’re acquiring, converting, and retaining the right users who get the most value from your app.

Audit your app and get it back on track.

User Research

Every digital product has unanswered questions. User research makes sure you have the right answers before you commit your time and resources.

What people say and what they do are often two very different things. To build a successful app, you need to understand why people do what they do. You need to know the motivations behind their actions. Otherwise, you may end up wasting time and resources trying to solve the wrong problem.

User research is a cornerstone of our app audit process. After identifying the opportunities where we can improve your UX and UI, we work in focused design sprints to test new ideas in rapid succession and without risk.


A successful digital product needs different infrastructure at different stages during its lifecycle. We make sure your product always performs.

What works for a small-scale beta won’t work when you experience a spike in traffic. You don’t want to punish users for engaging with your app by degrading the user experience performance.

As you grow, you need to anticipate the changing demand on your infrastructure and prepare your digital product. As part of our app audit, we review the performance, security, and structure of your platform as well as the processes and people behind it to make sure you can scale successfully.

App Audit Report

Auditing your app is the first step. What you need is a clear roadmap and the actions that will move your business forward.

Every app audit we carry out is accompanied by a detailed report with all the user research, the findings, and a roadmap to get your app back on track.

We prioritise the opportunities we find based on how far they’re going to move the needle towards your desired business results versus the amount of effort they will take to achieve.

This way, we can balance the quick and easy wins that will have an immediate positive effect on your digital product with the larger changes that deliver the long-term results you need to grow your business.

An App Audit Success Story

We helped the fastest-growing proptech company in the UK to speed up its time to value by 65%.

We’re working with the fastest-growing proptech company in the UK LandTech to increase the value of their platform by expanding it from web to mobile.

We first carried out user research and an app audit to understand the tasks we needed to support. One in five web users now use the mobile app to streamline site discovery into a single, efficient solution. The new app also sped up the time to value by 65%.

Let’s build the right product, together.