Giving sports fans a more personalised experience with RedZone.

If you’re an American Football fanatic seeking breaking NFL news and insights from the game, then look no further than the GB RedZone mobile app.

With NFL games now being hosted in the United Kingdom and receiving more British support than ever before, GB RedZone was created as a one-stop-shop for fans everywhere, delivering essential developments and the latest NFL scores as soon as they occur.

The app offers a personalised experience to users as soon as the app is launched by allowing them to select their preferred team. The app then cleverly uses this information in its algorithm to prioritise only relevant news content based on their favourite NFL team, which then appears on users’ in-app news feeds.


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This means that if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you haven’t got to worry about Green Bay Packers stealing the limelight.

As well as the latest NFL news, GB RedZone also features the latest fixtures, scores, results and playoff pictures from both the AFC and NFC divisions, providing real-time statistics and data as teams battle it out in their pursuit of the season-end finale, the Super Bowl!

If you can’t make it to GB RedZone, then GB RedZone will certainly make it to you! Fans can enable push notifications in the NFL app meaning that wherever they may be, they’re never too far away from their favourite team.

The app is now available on the App Store. Download, have a play and let us know how your NFL team gets on this season.

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