Support & Maintenance

With our ongoing support and maintenance, your digital product’s return on your investment will only continue to increase with time.

Your users won’t tell you about every problem they encounter. They won’t flag every feature idea. They won’t bug you about… Bugs.

That’s why you need proactive monitoring to find the frustrating moments that could cause problems for you and your users.

You also need the peace of mind that your digital product is going to stay stable and secure with every new iteration and every platform update.

Our Support & Maintenance package makes sure your app continues to work seamlessly and always exceeds your users’ expectations.

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Helping every customer find the perfect product for their needs.

Helping every Watco customer to find the perfect product for their needs. Supporting them at every step of entire buyer journey – from research all the way through to ongoing maintenance.

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Proactive Performance Management

We take a proactive approach to managing your digital product’s performance and ensuring its success.

We’re always on the lookout for ways we can make your digital product even better – both from a technical performance perspective and in the overall user experience design.

Whenever we spot room to improve or enhance your app, we evaluate the opportunity based on how much of an impact it’s going to have compared with the effort it’ll take to achieve.

Small changes to your back-end infrastructure and front-end user interface design can often lead to a quick improvement in the value you and your users get from your app.

Proactive Monitoring for Issues

We don’t wait for users to report issues. We spot them early and fix them fast.

Your users won’t tell you about every frustrating moment they find in your app. They won’t report every bug they encounter. But you will see the impact of these issues when you look at your conversion rates, your subscriptions, and your sales.

With our app analytics embedded in your digital product, we work together to proactively monitor the full user journey from start to finish. This way, we spot issues early on before they affect your users or your business results.

Build the right product with our support and maintenance

Rolling Security and Library Patches

We keep you ahead of the curve with our rolling security updates and library patches.

Our in-house, UK-based product team makes sure your solution stays stable and secure. They’re always up-to-date with the latest industry news as well as any upcoming changes to the tools and platforms we use.

Keeping your app secure and properly patched helps to guarantee a seamless user experience from the very first tap. This increases your user retention and maximises the return on technology investment your business receives.

Support Desk

You set the digital business strategy behind your app. Our expert in-house support team will handle the rest.

Your users demand the best. Employees expect the same seamless user experience from the enterprise app they need for work as they do from WhatsApp. They want to achieve their goals in the least amount of time with as little effort as possible.

Constantly raising the bar to exceed these expectations can be challenging. That’s why our support desk works with you and our in-house product team to respond to requests rapidly and fix issues immediately.

Improving a product with ongoing support.

We’re working with this UK insurance provider to expand its platform and increase user engagement across the board.

Our ongoing support and maintenance helped Marmalade’s internal development team to understand the performance and experience issues with its existing iOS app. We then worked with them to make sure the Android app solved these issues while integrating seamlessly with their backend infrastructure and design system. The app is a key part of the company’s offering and has been downloaded over 10,000 times to date.

Build the right product with our support and maintenance