Providing managerial figures with the necessary tools and metrics to gauge worker satisfaction and professional development.

The Alpine Talent Management System is designed to provide managers with valuable data on their reportees to track worker satisfaction and development. Designed to gather positive feedback and/or any cases of unrest the system provides managers with the necessary metrics to let them act accordingly.

We were approached to establish The Alpine Talent Management System from scratch and give it a fully responsive layout where users can input data and extract reports wherever they may be. We also embedded a number of interactive tools in the system that clearly illustrate these reports including Google Charts, which allows managers to detect any trends or actionable areas.

The system also takes care of the more administrative duties that are required of management, such as the ability to accept and track holiday and training course requests from reportees. It is now being used by thousands of users across the United Kingdom and a clear example of how mobile enterprise technology can enhance business procedures.

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