Creating innovative and enthusiastic videos for a broad range of events whilst providing memorable souvenirs.

Jenks & Co are an event filming company based in London. They create innovative videos for a broad range of events and ensure that their energy and enthusiasm is reflected in the digital souvenirs that they produce. Jenks & Co have been developing event films since 2007, and their increasing popularity is evident.

Sonin were tasked with creating a website that had a professional feel and reflected the quirky and modern culture of Jenks & Co. We used a parallax scrolling web design to provide a dynamic experience for the user and modernise it entirely. Following this we then worked with the team and Jenks & Co to create an app that combined their video and event coordinating skills in both public and private arenas, which allowed subscribers to advertise and publicise upcoming events on their mobile platform.

You can visit the official Jenks & Co website now.


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