User Experience Design

Exceptional UX design is crucial if you want your application to succeed. Our proven user centric process lets you progress far faster with confidence that you’re building the right digital product.

Our expert in-house user experience design team works as an extension of your own to make sure your app exceeds your business goals while also offering your users an intuitive, accessible, delightful, and memorable experience.

We begin by diving into your specific business goals so that the design strategy supports your wider business strategy. It’s important that we balance this with what your users want to achieve to create a close alignment between your business and design strategy.

We then work in focused design sprints, drawing from proven UX techniques to test new ideas quickly with minimal time and effort – all the time iteratively adding to the value of your digital product.

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OpenAir Med

Personalised and Proactive Healthcare Advice.

Empowering patients to live safe, independent, and uninhibited lives without having to worry about when their next attack may be.

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Information Architecture

The faster you can help your users achieve their goals, the better your return on technology investment will be.

We use information architecture to quickly map the entire user journey and ensure the fastest route to the users’ goals. It also makes sure that all of your products within your wider customer journey work together to best support both what your users want to achieve and your business goals.

This helps us to design clever and contextual user experiences that help your users achieve their goals in as few steps as possible and with far less cognitive load. It also eliminates the chance of any frustrating pain points in your digital product experience that may cause users to drop off or disengage. This means that your technology investment will go further.


Wireframes are the blueprint for your app. They get rid of any guesswork, create clarity and reduce your risk.

We use wireframes in our UX Design to bring all your internal stakeholders together and align everyone on how the final product will look and feel as users interact with it.

Wireframes let you focus on what needs to go where on the screen rather than the journey behind it. They also give us something tangible to test with your target audience which helps to highlight any issues with the user flow or journey before we invest into full app design and development.

Build the right product with our UX design experts

User Testing

The faster you can get something into the hands of your users, the quicker you can prove it has value to them and to your business.

User testing proves that your digital product solves a critical problem your users are facing. It also makes sure you’re solving it in the most efficient and user-friendly way possible.

We use hypothesis-driven development to test specific ideas in focused user groups for fast feedback. This approach to UX design reduces risk and ensures you spend time and resources on the right solution that’s going to deliver the right results.

Accessibility & Usability

Expectations among users today are sky-high. If your app doesn’t exceed these expectations in a way that’s intuitive and accessible, then you’ll struggle to drive engagement, revenue, and results.

The lower your app’s engagement, the less employee efficiency or revenue you’ll get from it. At Sonin, we always consider the accessibility and inclusivity of your digital product as it progresses through our UX design process – using proven techniques like heat mapping and eye tracking to understand how users will interact with your product.

The more accessible and intuitive your product is, the better the experience is for everyone – not just those with disabilities – and the better your return on technology investment will be.

A UX design success story

The Belle Hutt app experience delights thousands of fitness enthusiasts from 90 countries around the world.

We worked with fitness influencer Belle Hutt to design a health and fitness app that would support her rapidly growing community with a world-class user experience.

To do this, we built a UX design strategy for Belle Hutt that used gamification, in-app personalisation, and push notifications to help her community members find the perfect workouts and keep them coming back to the app.

Let’s build the right product, together.