User Interface Design

Your app is an extension of your business. From the very first tap, your UI design will either strengthen or detract from your brand experience. We make sure it’s the first.

At Sonin, we understand that your digital product’s user interface is about more than the way it looks and feels. It’s a crucial element in whether your app and the digital business strategy behind it succeeds.

That’s why our strategic approach to digital product design goes beyond the aesthetics of your app. We care about the impact each individual element has on your user experience and in helping your users achieve their goals. Equally as important, though, we care about the business results your app has to deliver.

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OpenAir Med

Personalised and Proactive Healthcare Advice.

Empowering patients to live safe, independent, and uninhibited lives without having to worry about when their next attack may be.

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Prototypes reduce the time and cost it takes to bring your product – the right product – to market.

Remote and AI powered automated tests with low-fidelity prototypes first allow us to establish the most effective layout to help users achieve their goals in a quick and low-risk way.

We follow this by observing real-world users interacting with high-fidelity prototypes in person as we refine the user interface. This makes sure that each iteration and every element adds value and removes friction.

Design Library Creation

With a design library, we can move much faster through the UI design process and build an experience that scales with you.

The quicker and more cost-effectively you can add new valuable features to your app, the better. But besides bringing value to your business and your users, these new elements also have to work seamlessly with your existing user experience. Otherwise, inconsistencies in your user interface design can cause friction in your user journey and lead to higher drop-off rates.

That’s why at Sonin, we work with you to establish a Design Library of approved assets and app components. Using the Atomic Design System methodology, we’re able to draw from this library to consistently deliver new components, screens and features at a much faster pace.

This unified language ensures a seamless experience across your app and other platforms like your website which increases user engagement and your return on technology investment.

Build the right product with our UI design experts

User Testing

Testing the user interface of your app before you build it saves you time and money.

We always test how real-world users respond to the user flow behind your UI before dedicating any time or resources to development. By using tried and tested techniques like A/B testing and heat mapping, we can make the right decisions during the design of your product.

Doing this early and often continually proves whether we’re solving the underlying problem in the right way – the way that makes the most sense for your users as well as your business goals.

Accessibility Checks

Accessible UI Design is the right thing to do. Not just morally, but because it strengthens the business case behind your app.

One in five people suffers from a disability of some kind. Seemingly small elements like the size of a line of text or the shade of colour have a huge impact on whether your app helps or hinders your users. That’s why making sure your digital product is accessible and inclusive is such an important part of our user interface design process.

We’ve developed a set of rigorous tests and checks to ensure every app adheres to the accessibility principles. When building an insurance app for esure, we tested its viability and accessibility in a pilot program of over 300 employees.

How great UI Design saves lives. Literally.

OpenAir Med’s user interface design gives patients clarity and control over their respiratory illnesses.

We worked with healthtech start-up OpenAir Med to design a healthcare app to provide personalised and proactive advice to the 10,000 patients diagnosed with a respiratory illness every single week.

To do this, we used UI Design to turn complicated IoT device readings into understandable, accessible, and actionable healthcare advice tailored to and relevant to each individual patient.

Let’s design the right product, together.