Research & Development

Research and development shows whether you’re headed in the right direction towards a high-ROI solution.

AI. Augmented Reality Apps. Blockchain. There’s no shortage of emerging technologies with new capabilities and untapped opportunities to choose from.

When there’s so much you can do, how do you know what you should do? How do you tell which one is the right technology for your business and your users? How do you know which solution is going to provide the highest return on your technology investment?

With our Research and Development service, you can prove the product market fit for your new app or its next iteration at a rapid pace with minimal investment and no risk. We take a scientific approach to software development that’s helped our clients to build market-leading apps that unlock extra efficiency and revenue.

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Sheilas’ Wheels

Helping Sheilas’ Wheels win the FNOL race

Sheilas’ Wheels needed more visibility into their customers’ claims. We opened up a completely new channel between Sheilas’ Wheels and its customers. We helped Sheilas’ Wheels to win the FNOL race while improving their CX.

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Identifying the Opportunities in Emerging Technologies

With all emerging technologies, there’s a competitive edge and extra market share up for grabs. We work with you to make sure you gain that advantage and market share.

Separating the hype from the proven value to your business can be challenging. That’s where Sonin can help. We act as your trusted technology partner to advise on which trends are the right ones to explore for your business, industry, and solution.

We then work closely with you in discovery workshops, user research phases, and design sprints to collect the data you need to decide which the right technology is that’s going to create lasting value for you and your users.

Design Sprints

Design Sprints offer a shortcut to a successful digital product. They’re rapid, low-risk, and only require a small investment.

A product can solve many different problems, but the more focused your idea is and the fewer potential problems it solves the more likely it will deliver the results you need it to.

Design sprints align everyone behind a specific problem and a specific solution idea to test with real users for rapid and actionable feedback. This is essential if you want to understand the real value any new technology offers to your business, your employees, and your customers.

Build the right product with our research and development service.

User Research

To make the right decisions, you need to hold all the cards. User research collects all the contextual information you need to align everyone in the right direction.

User research and discovery workshops provide your team with an unbiased and definitive look at what your users want, why, and what’s getting in their way.

This approach also shows you where your own business goals intersect with those of your users and where new features and emerging technologies can make a difference to the desired results you need to deliver.


By prototyping ideas before we build them, we can drastically reduce the time and cost it takes to bring your product – the right product – to market.

We use low-fidelity prototypes which we can build and test quickly for immediate user feedback from your target audience – whether that’s your customer base or workforce. This shows us whether the underlying idea behind each proposed solution will solve the most pressing problem at hand.

Once we know for a fact we’re zeroing in on the right valuable solution, we build high-fidelity and polished prototypes. They offer users a much more realistic example of the end user experience. They offer us deeper, more detailed and specific feedback that helps us refine the user journey and make sure every element adds value.

This approach ultimately yields better, more reliable user feedback that speeds up the digital product development process while also reducing the cost of delivering the results you expect.

A research and development success story.

Sonin worked with esure to prove a proof of concept through user feedback with over 300 participants in real-world scenario testing.

When 30% of customers haven’t had a single positive experience with their insurance provider, capturing the information necessary to win the First Notice of Loss race can be a challenge. That’s why we worked with esure on a research and development project to prove the value of an accident assistance app to its claims teams and customers.

Build the right product with our research and development service.