Augmented Reality App Development

We take the same, proven approach to augmented reality app development as we do all the successful digital products we build – by bringing it back to the underlying digital business strategy.

Apple sold over 20,000 Vision Pro headsets in the first 10 days following its launch. Meta has sold over 20 million Quest VR headsets to date.

Some said Artificial Intelligence was all hype until ChatGPT. Then it was in everything, everywhere, all at once and suddenly chatbots and forms feel clunky and outdated compared with a seamless conversational interface.

The question is will it be the same story for augmented reality apps and mixed reality platforms? And who will be ready to take advantage of it?

The hardware in the wearables space is better than ever before. It’s the software that makes all the difference. As AI image detection and audio recognition accelerates at a rapid pace, sometimes it only takes one game-changing app to leap the industry forward.

At Sonin, our AR app development experts work with clients across different industries to prove the value behind the possibilities offered by augmented reality. That means approaching the app development process in the exact same way as we do all the successful digital products we build, by starting with what’s going to support you and your users’ goals.

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Sheilas’ Wheels

Helping Sheilas’ Wheels win the FNOL race

Sheilas’ Wheels needed more visibility into their customers’ claims. We opened up a completely new channel between Sheilas’ Wheels and its customers. We helped Sheilas’ Wheels to win the FNOL race while improving their CX.

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User Research

To make the right decisions about whether an augmented reality app will help or hinder your business, you need to hold all the cards. User research collects all the contextual information you need to align everyone in the right direction.

User research and discovery workshops provide your team with an unbiased and definitive look at what your users want, why, and what’s getting in their way.

This approach also shows you where your own business goals intersect with those of your users and where new features and emerging technologies can make a difference to the desired results you need to deliver.

Design Sprints

Design Sprints offer a shortcut to a successful augmented reality app. They’re rapid, low-risk, and only require a small investment.

A product can solve many different problems, but the more focused your idea is and the fewer potential problems it solves the more likely it will deliver the results you need it to.

Design sprints align everyone behind a specific problem and a specific solution idea to test with real users for rapid and actionable feedback.

This is essential if you want to understand the real value any new or emerging technology like Augmented Reality apps offer to your business, your employees, and your customers.

Build the right augmented reality app


Prototyping drastically reduces the time and cost it takes to bring a successful augmented reality app to market.

We start with quick and simple low-fidelity prototypes to get feedback from your users fast – whether they’re your customers or your team. This helps us figure out if our ideas are going to actually solve the problems you and your users are facing.

Once we’ve got something that works, we polish it up into high-fidelity prototypes. These give your stakeholders and your users a taste of what the final augmented reality app user experience will look and feel like.

By testing these, we get more detailed feedback we can use to fine-tune every detail before investing time and resources in bringing it to life.

Our approach to augmented reality app development means we get better feedback quicker, which makes the whole process faster and saves you money.

Identifying the Opportunities in Augmented Reality App Development

Like every emerging technology, augmented and mixed reality apps offer the opportunity to win a competitive edge and gain market share. Our approach to augmented reality app development makes sure you gain that advantage and market share.

Separating the hype from the proven value to your business can be a challenge. That’s where Sonin can help. We act as your trusted technology partner to advise on how augmented reality apps can benefit your business, industry, and solution.

More importantly, we can offer an objective, unbiased and data-driven app development process that proves whether augmented reality is the right technology that’s going to deliver the right results.

This is made possible by our team of augmented reality experts who understand not just the latest hardware powering the platform but the software and backend infrastructure supporting it as well.

An augmented reality app development success story.

Sonin worked with Shell to create an augmented reality app that transformed its event stand into an immersive and interactive experience.

Visitors to event stands are 50% more likely to remember the brand behind them if they are highly engaged. That’s why we helped Shell to turn its static event stand into an augmented reality app experience that attracted, educated, and converted event attendees.

Build the right augmented reality app