Peace-of-Mind for Patients with Respiratory Illnesses

Providing patients with instant feedback on the health of their lungs. Building an invaluable data set that allows OpenAirMed to offer personalised healthcare on an unprecedented scale.


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What we did

Discovery, UX & UI Design, iOS App Development, Web Development, Hardware Integration and User Testing.

The Problem

Patients want to live their lives uninterrupted.

10,000 new people are diagnosed with a respiratory illness every single week. Conditions affect every aspect of a person’s life including work, sports, and activities; even their relationships and mental health.

The better these patients understand their individual conditions, the easier it is for them to manage them. As a result, the less impact on their daily lives and the less pressure on the NHS. But to achieve this, patients need instant access to information on the health of their lungs wherever they are in the world.

Our Approach

Seamless integration with custom hardware and APIs.

Through a product discovery workshop, we established Open Air Med’s commercial goals as well as the key product personas: patients, doctors, and health coaches. This gave us the insight to build a product road-map that prioritised features based on the business value they provide.

We then worked closely alongside the OpenAirMed team as they developed the custom hardware kit. This helped us ensure the app communicated seamlessly with the device over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). At the same time, we integrated with available OpenWeatherMap APIs to enrich the app’s data with contextual information on weather and pollution. This way, patients understand not just when their health is in danger but why.

The Outcome

Proactive health advice tailored to each individual.

Open Air Med improves the lives of patients suffering from respiratory illnesses by delivering actionable data through an intuitive interface.

The app guides users through setting up their Open Air Med device, providing instant feedback for every reading through a universally-accessible traffic light system. Users are also able to manually record attacks. Each device reading and attack record includes location, date and time stamps which is combined with available third-party data for extra context.

Over time, the Open Air Med platform learns about each individual user and the conditions that are likely to trigger their attacks. The app is then able to send proactive push notifications, warning users of potential problems ahead of time, and medication reminders. At the same time, users can share their data with doctors and health coaches who can provide tailored healthcare advice to every single patient.