We’re thrilled to announce Sonin is a finalist for two categories in the 2020 Health Tech Awards. This exciting recognition from the healthcare sector is a welcome sign that we’re at the forefront of making personalised healthcare happen.

Now in its fourth year, the Health Tech Awards celebrate the technologies and innovations that are making a difference across health and care. Each category is judged by an expert panel made up of leaders from NHS Foundation Trusts from all across the country.

We’re thrilled to announce that Sonin has been named as a finalist in two categories in the 2020 Health Tech Awards:

  • User-Led Innovation & Experience for our work on OpenAir Med
  • Most Promising Pilot for our work on Dom Care

The categories may be different. But what links these two amazing products is the mission to provide personalised healthcare on an unprecedented scale during a time where the capacity of the NHS is so critical.

As both products complete their rounds of beta testing, this early recognition from the healthcare sector is a welcome sign that we’re at the forefront of making personalised healthcare happen.

OpenAir Med for User-Led Innovation & Experience

The ‘User-Led Innovation & Experience’ award recognises innovation driven by users and experience. From the very beginning, we put users at the heart of OpenAir Med user experience.

10,000 new people are diagnosed with a respiratory illness every single week. These conditions affect many different aspects of patients’ daily lives. From sport to work to activities and even their relationships.

These patients need the tools to manage their conditions themselves, letting them live their lives uninhibited. OpenAir Med gives patients instant feedback on their respiratory health wherever they are. The innovative app provides people with peace-of-mind to live their lives without their conditions getting in the way.

Meanwhile, doctors, and health coaches can access an unprecedented dataset to provide tailored advice to each patient.

OpenAir Med is an innovative, user-led experience through and through.

Dom Care for Most Promising Pilot

The ‘Most-Promising Pilot’ award recognises ambitious early-stage pilots. Dom Care is an innovative healthcare pilot domiciliary residents, care-givers and family members through a seamless experience.

More than 875,000 people in the UK receive domiciliary care. This need grows every single year. Public funding for it, however, does not. This means that each year, 2 million people join the invisible army that props up the NHS.

Dom Care is a promising pilot that uses proactive push notifications and video-calling technology to allow elderly people to live safe, independent lives through their senior years – all at a reduced cost.

We want to congratulate all the fellow finalists in the Health Tech Awards. We also want to congratulate our two clients and the invaluable members of our product teams who worked so hard on each project.

We’re looking forward to our first fully remote awards evening on October 22nd when the winners will be announced. Until then, you can keep up-to-date with other announcements from the Sonin Newsroom by signing up to our newsletter.