The success of your app relies on user interactions, so choosing the right platform to develop it on is crucial. But with the ongoing battle between Android and iOS we know it’s confusing. So we asked Sonin’s Managing Director Paul Jarrett whether you should choose iOS or Android?

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Video: Should I develop my app on iOS or Android?

Full transcript of ‘Should I develop my app on iOS or Android?

“So, the right platform to develop your app is going to depend on a lot of different things. Firstly, if you’re building an app for the enterprise versus the consumer.

If you’re building an enterprise app, it may well be that your IT department is providing devices, and therefore the platform you choose will be in conjunction with that. It may well be that you have a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, in which case you’ll be in a very similar place to the consumer app market.

For consumer apps, the market is split such that, to get a sensible return on investment you really need to look at both platforms. Which then leads to the question of which one is it that you should do first. And from that point of view, we always tend to recommend that you look at iOS first.

The main reason to look at iOS is that the feature set that you have is a little bit more locked down compared to Android where there’s more freedom to access more of the operating system. And the last thing you want to do is to build a fantastic app with some killer features that are heavily reliant on things that you’re just not able to do when you import it into the second platform. So therefore our recommendation would tend to be that you look at iOS first and then you follow on to Android.

As far as the other platforms go, when we look at things like Blackberry and Windows, there’s just isn’t really enough market share to think about those. So we tend to recommend that you would then look at a web platform to cover any other users.”

Still not sure?

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