Experts in Android App Development

With over 15 years of experience our dedicated team of Android developers are experts in Android app development.

Whether you’re looking to build an app for smartphones, or something more custom, our tried and tested process has been proven to deliver across a variety of sectors. We’re well-versed in a wide range of programming languages for Android, from Google’s recommended Kotlin, to Java and beyond.  

Our team are here to take you all the way from concept, through discovery and build, to listing on the Google Play store. We work alongside you for as little or long as you require our technical expertise, whether that’s for support and maintenance or ongoing assistance as you look to iterate and enhance your product.  

Our extensive experience working with Google means we know the most effective way to launch a bespoke Android App across the different Android device types. We’re skilled at Android usability, design standards and approval procedures, making development faster and simpler for you.  

Whether you are looking to build and new app, or improve and existing process, our skilled team are here to work closely with you ensuring, together, that we build the right product.  


Driving customer engagement for Schwartz and Morrisons.

Providing Schwartz customers with personalised recipe suggestions from all around the world based on the contents of their spice racks.

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01 Why should I choose Android for app development?

Android boasts a vast global market share, making it a pivotal platform for businesses targeting a diverse and extensive user base.

Its open ecosystem often facilitates a greater range of functionality and flexibility, allowing developers to craft unique and innovative app experiences.

Often Android devices are also more cost effective than competitors which can make them a compelling choice when supplying devices to team members for internal use apps.

02 How long does it take to develop an Android app?

The development timeline varies based on the complexity and features of the app. Typically, a basic app could be developed within three months, while a more complex application could span several months.

Before starting the project your product team will produce a product roadmap showing the timelines for each release and prioritising getting the app into your users hands for feedback as quickly as possible

03 What is the difference between native and hybrid Android apps?

Native apps are built specifically for the Android platform using languages like Kotlin or Java, ensuring optimal performance and integration.

Hybrid apps, developed using web technologies, can run on multiple platforms but may not offer the same level of end user experience or performance as native ones.

At Sonin we typically recommend native development as we believe it delivers the best end user experience and often the cost saving motivation for choosing hybrid options is offset by a shorter app lifetime and higher maintenance costs

04 How do you ensure the security of my app?

Working in industries such as pharmaceuticals, finance and healthcare, security is always a priority for us.

At Sonin, security is paramount. We adhere to best practices to ensure your app remains secure against potential threats.

We work with independent security experts to carry out additional security testing on products we build to ensure that your platform remains safe and secure.

05 Can Sonin help in updating and maintaining my existing Android app?

Absolutely. We are here to make sure that your product is a success across it’s entire lifetime.

Our services extend beyond initial development. We offer maintenance, updates, and can help in optimising and adding new features to your existing Android application.

We believe in using data to plan guide future developments so through analytics in app we can see how the users are responding to the product and help our clients plan their roadmap for future development.

06 How will I be involved in the app development process?

Collaboration is key. From ideation to launch, we maintain constant communication. Your feedback, input and subject matter expertise combines with our deep knowledge in app development to ensure the final product aligns perfectly with your vision. We believe in building solutions in tandem with our clients for optimal results.

Every client is different when it comes to their requirements for involvement. Some like weekly or even bi weekly meetings to check in on progress and plan future stages, some like a more hands off approach. Our approach is bespoke to every project and will fit in with your availability and requirements.

07 How do you ensure the app’s compatibility across various Android devices?

We test extensively across a spectrum of devices, screen sizes, and OS versions using both manual and automated techniques. This rigorous testing process ensures your app delivers a consistent and seamless user experience, irrespective of the device.

08 What post-launch support does Sonin offer?

We’re invested in your app’s long-term success. Post-launch, we offer support packages that include product strategy, future enhancements, application monitoring, updates and bug fixes, ensuring your app continues to meet user and business needs.

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