Experts in iOS App Development

Our iOS app development experience traces back to the inception of the very first iPhone!  

With more than 15 years of building apps for iPhone, our talented team of iOS developers are perfectly positioned to help you build your app for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Vision Pro or Apple Watch. Whether programming in Swift or Objective C our team of experts and can help you navigate the complexities of the Apple ecosystem.  

Our team are here to take you all the way from concept, through discovery and build, to listing on the App Store. We work alongside you for as little or long as you require our technical expertise, whether that’s for support and maintenance or ongoing assistance as you look to iterate and enhance your product.  

Writing our apps in the same language that iOS devices are written gives us an advantage and access to the tools that provide users with the best possible experience – the exact ingredients needed to build the right product.  

Our experience means we’re familiar with both the strengths and limitations of Apple products, allowing us to optimise your development journey to save you time and money.  

From concept to development to Apple Store listing, we offer end-to-end support – working alongside you for as little or long as you require our technical expertise and ongoing assistance.  


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01 Why opt for iOS app development?

iOS offers a premium, consistent ecosystem, and apps developed for it often see higher revenue and user loyalty. In many markets such as the US and UK iOS maintains a leading market share and its closed ecosystem ensures uniformity in performance and user experience, making it a preferred choice for businesses aiming for quality and consistency.

02 How long is the iOS app development process?

The timeline for iOS app development largely depends on the app’s complexity and its features. While a basic app could be developed within three months, complex applications might extend over a long period. As with all development we recommend build an MVP to get your app into your users hands as soon as possible. Throughout, we ensure transparency and timely updates.

03 How do native and hybrid apps differ for iOS?

Native iOS apps are developed exclusively for Apple devices using languages like Swift or Objective-C, offering optimal performance. Hybrid apps, built using web technologies, can be deployed on multiple platforms but might not deliver the same level of iOS optimization.

At Sonin we focus on Native development to ensure that the end user experience is as polished as possible and technical debt is minimised

04 What measures do you take for app security?

Working in industries such as pharmaceuticals, finance and healthcare, security is always a priority for us.

Leveraging Apple’s robust security framework, combined with industry best practices, we ensure your app remains shielded from threats and vulnerabilities

05 Can Sonin assist in updating my existing iOS app?

Definitely. We are here to make sure that your product is a success across it’s entire lifetime.

Beyond initial development, we provide support, updates, and even revamps for existing iOS applications to ensure they remain relevant and high-performing.

We believe in using data to plan guide future developments so through analytics in app we can see how the users are responding to the product and help our clients plan their roadmap for future development.

06 What’s my role in the development process?

Collaboration is our mantra. Right from the ideation phase to the app’s launch, we work with you hand in hand. Your feedback, input and subject matter expertise combines with our deep knowledge in app development to ensure the final product aligns perfectly with your vision.

07 What post-launch services do Sonin provide for iOS apps?

We’re dedicated to the enduring success of your app. Our post-launch services encompass everything from Product Strategy to Support and Maintenance – monitoring, updates, addressing issues, and iterative enhancements, ensuring your app consistently meets evolving user demands and market trends.

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