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Quick links to October’s top mobile news stories:

Last updated: 25/10/2017

The UK needs more AI expertise, says Gov report

An independent report published by explored the importance of growing the Artificial Intelligence industry in the UK. It’s estimated that AI could add £630bn to the UK economy by 2035. So it’s important we’re ready to take advantage of the huge social and economic benefits the technology can bring.

According to the report, the rapid growth of AI in recent years is because of our increasingly powerful computing capacity and larger volumes of data. Another key reason highlighted was the increase in AI experts. But they’re still in short supply. We need to increase knowledge of AI by improving access to data, improving the supply of skills and maximising UK AI research.

Finally, it’s important UK business understand the true power of artificial intelligence in the enterprise. We need to educate companies on the benefits and how to successfully integrate AI into their processes. Encouraging inward investment on the technology today will help UK businesses find a competitive edge in the global market.

Full report:
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Virgin Trains’ use Mobile to Improve their Customer Service

Virgin Trains have brought mobile and customer data together to provide travellers with a unique experience. Their ‘pre-departure program’ targets over 840 different customer segments with a variety of possible messages and notifications before they board. This means members of the pre-departure program have every bit of information they could need as customers arrive at the station.

Following their pre-departure program, Virgin Trains have introduced an enterprise app called ‘Spotlight’ for their on-board staff. This lets staff surprise customers with rewards and helps them look after customers to the best of their ability. The app lets staff know which customers have boarded and where they’re sitting. The app also lets staff know if that particular customer has an open issue with Virgin Trains’ customer relations team. The enterprise app lets staff be much more proactive with their customer support.

Source: MobileMarketingMagazine


Google’s future as an AI-first company

After Apple & Amazon’s recent hardware showcases, it was Google’s turn to show off its new line of products including the highly anticipated Pixel 2. With the launch of each new device, Google stressed the importance of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in every step of the user experience. By putting AI are the core of its Pixel and home devices, Google ensures you’re better informed and can be more efficient in your day-to-day.

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The path to 1 billion people in VR – Oculus Connect

At its 4th annual Oculus Connect event, Facebook announced a new slate of VR features. Most noteworthy though was Oculus Go, a low-budget standalone VR headset. This new headset, combined with a reduced Oculus Rift retail price, will help push virtual reality to a mainstream audience. This will help bring Facebook closer to its goal of 1 billion people in VR. And open up a new way for businesses to interact with their customers through immersive experiences.

Low-cost VR could have huge benefits for the enterprise. During the event Facebook announced Oculus Dash, a 360-degree desktop with a wide range of apps. Looking forward, businesses could replace expensive multi-monitor setups with low-cost VR headsets.

Oculus Dash could give your employees more work space at a relatively low cost

The fully customisable VR space Oculus Home has been more geared towards consumers so far. With entertainment and social activities at the forefront of the majority of adverts. But Facebook isn’t forgetting the huge benefit VR can have to businesses. Its new ‘Oculus for Business’ package gives companies support when integrating VR experiences into their processes. Launch partners include Audi, which is using Oculus to build VR showrooms, and Cisco which has built canvas and whiteboard environments in Oculus.

Source: TechCrunch

Huawei joins Google, Samsung & Apple with new AI-powered phone

During their reveal of the new Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, Huawei focused on the benefit of their Neural Processing Unit (NPU). Using the AI and deep learning capabilities of its NPU, the Mate 10 will build a profile of how you use the device. It will then allocate resources accordingly to reduce device degradation. This means artificial intelligence can be used to prolong the lifespan of your device.

Huawei also showed off the Mate 10’s desktop docking solution that… doesn’t actually need a dock. Instead, you can just use USB-C to plug your phone directly into a monitor or TV. Users can choose between mirroring the phone screen or open the dedicated desktop system. Huawei’s solution means users only need to carry a standard cable to have their desktop environment available on-the-go.

Source: The Guardian

Microsoft’s new Surfacebook 2 is built for VR & Mixed Reality

More powerful than a MacBook Pro, Microsoft’s new high-end laptop offers “powerhouse performance.” According to Microsoft, the Surfacebook 2 will power Windows Mixed Reality experiences and VR apps like Paint 3D with ease. Users will be able to quickly pair their Surfacebooks with compatible virtual reality headsets and motion controllers.

Surfacebook 2 Windows Mixed Reality Virtual Reality

The detachable touch-screen display and high-performance specs as well as the host of accessories mean that the Surfacebook 2 can adapt to a variety of workflows. This gives users a huge range of functionality and flexibility no matter where they are, making it an ideal machine for remote workers.

Source: The Verge