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Featured Tech News and Mobile Stories


WWDC18: What Does it Mean for App Development?

At this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference, we got a glimpse at what Apple has in-store for the future of iOS, macOS and Siri. We also saw what’s next for ARkit2 and CoreML but, more importantly, what they mean for the future of mobile app development.

Similar to this year’s Google I/O, it’s clear that the big focus for app development right now is more personalised, more proactive experiences. And thanks to tools like Apple’s CreateML, creating these app experiences has never been easier. But as more developers take advantage of these tools to enhance their apps, user expectations will rise accordingly. Looking forward, if you want to future-proof your app, then you need to take a user-centric approach to your app development.

For this year’s breakdown, we asked our iOS developers for their insight on the news out of WWDC. Read the full WWDC Breakdown or watch our WWDC Highlights Video.

Philips Demo Augmented Reality Grooming App

At this year’s Cannes Lions Festival, technology company Philips demonstrated its new concept Augmented Reality app: Philips AR Grooming. Keen to leverage cutting-edge tech to enhance its customer experience, the company is using mobile to let users try on various trending beard styles. Using AI-enabled facial analysis, the app will map out users’ faces and render a range of models all in-real time on-screen.

Further to this, the app also provides users with rich information and on-screen tutorials on how to recreate the look for themselves. By taking advantage of both mobile and emerging technologies, Philips is delivering truly personalised experiences to its customers. All while driving in-depth customer insights for the company.

Source: Philips leverages AR technology in an innovative digital service (isobar)

Google Translate Rolls Out New Machine Learning Model

Right now, Google Translate produces much better results when connected to the internet. But that’s all changing because Google has updated its machine translation technique, taking advantage of new machine learning approach called Neural machine translation. This will drastically improve the performance of Google Translate in offline mode.

All of this has been made possible thanks to advancements in both hardware and software. Especially thanks to new compression techniques that have let Google reduce their machine learning models to between 30 and 40MB per language! Looking forward, AI and ML are will become integral to the app experience your users expect.

Source: Neural machine translation (Techcrunch)

Mobile and Tech Stats of the Month


Gartner Find Employee Engagement Affects Customer Experience

In a survey by Gartner, 86 per cent of CX executives claimed that employee engagement has just a big impact on the customer experience as factors like project management or data skills. At the end of the day, CX is a people issue and, while customer analytics is always a major focus for investment, not enough emphasis is put on ensuring employee engagement for enterprise mobility.

Source: Gartner Survey Finds Employee Engagement a Top Concern Affecting Customer Experience (Gartner)

New Report Shows Mobile Drives Foot Traffic to Retail Stores

This month, data tech company Blis released a report revealing that over 71 per cent of marketers leverage mobile to drive foot traffic to their retail stores. Further to this, marketers using this strategy see more foot traffic and more conversions. The retail sector is undergoing rapid change with many companies taking advantage of emerging tech. But by tying all these technologies together, mobile enhances the retail customer journey.

Source: Blis, WBR Insights, and Future Stores Release New Report Showing Location-Based Strategies Convert Customers with Customized Content at the Right Time (PR Newswire)

Enterprise Tech Improves Employees’ Satisfaction

A new global study from Aruba found a strong connection between enterprise tech, increased productivity and higher workplace satisfaction. According to the report, employees who work in fully-enabled digital workplaces are 51 per cent more likely to have strong job satisfaction. Looking forward, employee engagement apps and technologies will become even more important to workforce satisfaction.

Source: The Right Technologies Unlock the Potential of the Digital Workplace (Aruba)

Consumers Prefer Personalised Brand Experiences

A staggering 80 per cent of consumers say they’re more likely to do business with you if you offer them a personalised customer experience, according to a survey by Tyntec. In addition to this, 90 per cent of respondents say they find this level of personalisation appealing. Retailers who take advantage of mobile to offer their customers tailored experiences will reap the benefits. Over the next five years, a whopping £600bn in revenue will shift towards industry leaders that get personalisation right in sectors like retail, healthcare and financial services.  

Source: Creating Personalised Shopping Experiences with Mobile Messaging (Tyntec)

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