Artificial Intelligence offers today’s businesses huge opportunities to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Named the most influential technology in 2017, there are numerous applications of the technology we can use. One of which is AI image classification and recognition. Originally used to detect car number plates in car parks. AI image recognition technologies have since been developed to understand much more complex images.

One of our clients has the regular task of uploading hundreds of images of various patterns. For each image they upload, they have to classify them with relevant tags before publishing them. Many of the images feature complex patterns and often cross over multiple description tags. Such as ditsy, floral and oriental. Currently, this is done on an image-by-image basis and takes up a considerable amount of employee time throughout the year.

So we tasked one of our developers to create a bespoke AI image classification app that streamlined this process.

He developed an application that identifies the style, pattern and colour of an uploaded image. The tool then presents us with a probability scale of the most relevant tags before automatically assigning them to the image. Using image recognition and visual analytics the system can define certain characteristics within the image. Much similar to how the human eye works, such as the difference between a floral, ditsy and oriental pattern.

By training the prototype using pre-classified images on our database, we were able to teach the system what different visuals mean. As it continues to be fed more images and more data it continues to get smarter and more accurate with its classifications. And this is just the beginning of what AI Image Classification can do.

What else can it do?

It can begin connecting images that might not have the same classifiers but look similar. Or we can use it to suggest similar images for a specific user, such as recommendations of similar styles. This system could be implemented into the main website to not only save employee time but also to improve the customer experience. By seamlessly presenting customers with new styles based on previous purchases, images they’ve viewed or seasonal changes.

Because we can train the bespoke AI Image Classification tool on specific data sets, its use cases across industries and sectors are huge. From recognising irregularities in X-rays in hospitals to identifying breeds of animals and spotting anomalies in large data sets.

We also – use iBeacons to streamline client visits and use voice assisted bots to submit project issues.

Want to know more about AI Image Classification and Image Recognition?

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