Sonin Create: Using iBeacons to streamline client visits

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We’ve just held our latest Sonin Create in the office, this time it was all about the using iBeacons and the IoT.

We tasked the development team with creating a prototype using emerging technology that helps support our clients. This time the teams had to use the internet of things, to improve a clients experience of visiting us in the office.

When a visitor comes to meet us at Sonin HQ in Reigate, there’s a number of steps the teams felt could be enhanced. Which are common across the majority of businesses.

Firstly when we arrange a meeting, a meeting room needs to be booked.  Then car park arrangements need to be made and details on how to enter a car park need to be shared. Once parked the visitor needs a clear route to the entrance door. Followed by an easy way to find the final meeting room or office. Then of course there can be delays that may arise from traffic or changes in meeting times and attendees.

So our teams developed mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices that streamline the entire process. From the initial meeting booking, through directions and allocated parking, right up to requesting your favourite beverage ahead of arrival.

So how does the prototype Sonin Meet work…?

Ahead of the Meeting…

The app integrates directly with our CRM, so when we schedule a meeting with a client an automated email is sent. And a link to download the Sonin app is automatically included in the calendar invite we send the client. When the client opens the app they are greeted with a personalised welcome message. Then they can continue through the app to an integrated map for directions, meeting attendees and more.

On route…

The client can use the in app map to locate the office and plan their route. If they need to contact us before they arrive, the app features instant call or email buttons on the main screen. Enabling a quick way to update us on arrival times, changes to meeting attendees or any other concerns they have ahead of arriving with us.

The client also has the opportunity to share their location data with us directly. So we can track on a map where the client is on their journey, and see when they are nearby.

Arriving at Sonin HQ…

Using cleverly placed iBeacons within the Sonin car park, when the client parks in the available parking space, the office team are instantly notified through a Slack notification. When the client reaches the main door they can use the ring buzzer button in the app itself.

As soon as the client walks through the front door, a second iBeacon will trigger another personalised push notification. This goes directly to the clients phone with directions to the lift and the code to enter to head up to the office. All of these actions ping the Sonin team to keep us updated on our clients whereabouts and arrival details.

During this time the client will also be prompted to choose a beverage to be ready on arrival. Including; tea, coffee or simply a glass of water. So when the client walks straight into the office we are ready to greet them, cappuccino in hand!

create innovation lab

Although this prototype begins streamlining client visits, the team have outlined how it can further improve the experience. Such as connecting to Smarter’s kettle and coffee machines in the office to automate drink production. The app could also connect to smart sensors in the car park. Detecting which spaces are already filled and which could be allocated to the next visitors. The Sonin Meet app is just the start of an ecosystem of smart devices streamlining the entire client visit.

Our innovation lab, Create, gives us the ability to test out and experiment with new technologies, and more importantly, to explore how they can integrate with existing business processes or enhance them. Keep up to date with our latest Create projects by signing up to our newsletter today

How can using iBeacons, the IoT, and connected devices help you?

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