Sonin Create: Voice Assisted Bots

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Following on from our last Sonin Create, our Android team have been experimenting with voice recognition. More specifically voice assisted bots.

Initially tasked with developing a useful business app that incorporated Bots, Chatbots or Messenger, our Android team created … Sonin Support.

A project support app that helps businesses manage client enquiries and requests in the most efficient and effective way. Designed for companies that receive a range of different requests and enquiries from clients and customers, some urgent, some important, some that need additional attention, some that can be completed within a few minutes and all of which need to be documented and recorded.

So our Android team created an app that not only manages these incoming requests, but uses speech recognition and automation to prioritise, distribute and respond to all enquiries. Creating voice assisted bots. They’ve tapped into Google API’s for NLP (natural language processing), allowing a client or customer to leave a quick voicemail, whilst actually providing businesses with a simple text ticket to work with. The client simply needs to log into the app, click to create a new ticket, and talk through their issue.

The team took this one step further by creating a number of pre-set rules that define ticket types. Which recognise specific words, such as ‘urgent’, ‘broken’ or ‘fixed’, which then intelligently assign a priority level for the ticket. Whilst also sending a personalised reply directly to the client. This gives businesses a detailed list of the requests we need to look at immediately. As well as giving the client assurance that their request has been acknowledged and will be looked at.

Not only does this start an on-going conversation with the client, but it allows us to collect the information and assure the client we’re working on it quickly and efficiently. This two-way mobile app saves time, reduces the risk of misunderstanding, tracks conversations and records all requests.

And this is just the first working prototype. We can extend the application to automatically sync with project management tools, notify specific members of the team on specific issues. Or even predict the amount of support time to assign to a ticket. We can also include rich media messaging, such as images and video clips to help support the messages.

The Sonin Support prototype has the scope to extend into a comprehensive support system for any company.

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How can voice assisted bots & the latest technology help you?

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