Time sheet App with Image Recognition

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We’re excited to share our latest creation from Sonin Create – a time sheet app.

Processing time sheets is a laborious, time-consuming task that employees often find frustrating. But is essential to the efficient running of any business. We use them, some of our clients use them and many businesses we speak to also use them. But we all face a similar challenge when processing them. Employees either end up recording their time twice, on paper as a weekly time sheet and then manually enter it into a system at the end of the week or spend more time doing it as they work, which can often be distracting and impossible if working away from their desk.

So, we got the team to create a solution in the form of a time sheet app, using the latest image recognition technology.

We’ve developed a proof of concept that allows employees to use their phone camera to scan their completed time sheets. These are then digitally read and converted immediately.

From a technical point of view, the time sheet scanning app using image analysis and OCR technologies (Optical Character Recognition). Typically this has always been difficult to achieve through a camera lens. Because there is often distortion on the edges or faults with dimmed light, making it difficult for most OCR applications to read.

But thanks to the camera quality in the newer phone models, they can pick up much finer detail and differentiate between colours, so we’ve used colour recognition to make this app work. By completing a paper time sheet using colour coding against different projects the app can recognise blocks of time and allocate to that specific project.

With the basic functions set up, we can now look at integrating a series of push notifications for users. Which could signal if they need to move the camera, or ask for better lighting. Making sure the data is as accurate as possible.

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How can the latest technology help you?

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