Sonin Chat : Real-Time Messaging

2 min read - Insights

We’re all big Game of Thrones fans in the office. However we have a rule that we’re not allowed to discuss the latest episode in the office. Just in case any spoilers are revealed to those who are running a few episodes behind. So at the start of the new series we created a group Skype chat, but we would still end up giving away too much information. If someone had missed the latest episode and were away from their desk or didn’t have Skype open when the conversation started, they would see all the spoilers next time they logged in.

So what does a team of app developers do?

Develop an app of course.

The team have been experimenting with the latest emerging tech to build a custom internal chat platform. Written in Node.js and utilising WebSockets alongside push notifications, they built Sonin Chat. Sonin Chat allows instant communication and real-time messaging across any device or platform. Regardless of whether we’re using the app at that time or not.

So if James is watching YouTube on his laptop. Charlie is checking the latest football scores on his iPad. And Alex is sending emails on his Galaxy S7, they can still have a real-time conversation. Each user receives a chat notification as soon as a message has been sent. Regardless of whether they are using the app or not. So, in this case, if anyone hasn’t watched the latest episode they can quickly intercept the conversation and stop any spoilers being revealed.

The result? No more spoilers!

The principal behind this app can be applied to any app that requires an instant conversation. The benefit of being able to chat in real time, across devices and platforms for businesses is huge. Particularly for those who heavily rely on mobile workers.

So if you’re looking for something similar, get in touch and see how we can help.