Product management is an essential aspect of building the right thing that delivers the right results. It’s the bridge between your users and your long-term strategic goals.

Not all products are created equal.

That’s why proper product management is so important. Because it sits at the heart of design, development, and digital business strategy, delivering valuable insights that make sure you and your users get the most value first.

But the gap between your long-term strategic goals and individual user metrics can be daunting. That’s why you need a clear cadence for reporting on, reviewing, and acting upon your app analytics to inform a better product strategy and a more successful solution.

Product Analysis




Strategic Report

A Winning Product Management Cadence

At Sonin, we deploy a proven cadence that feeds insights and intelligence into a more informed and effective product roadmap. It’s made up of four distinct levels:

  • Weekly: Analysis
  • Monthly: Snapshot
  • Quarterly: Review
  • Yearly: Strategic Report

This approach ensures that information flows between different departments and that every stakeholder understands the impact the product is having towards the business’ long-term goals and North Star.


Every week, we continuously review the in-app analytics for any changes in the statistics. At the same time, we monitor all new reviews published on the app store (positive and negative) for any trends within the feedback.

Any issues that need immediate attention are highlighted straight away. Any opportunities we identify are prioritised based on how much of an impact they have on the user experience and the overarching business’ goals.

The product roadmap is updated accordingly so that it reflects what’s going to have the most impact first.


Every month, we create a snapshot report with the core KPI’s we’re tracking. Every one of these metrics is tied to your long-term strategic goals.

During this monthly meeting, we bring together our Product Manager and Account Manager with your team to create find the perfect balance between what your users want and your objectives for the app.

Feature Prioritisation


Every quarter, we report back on user behaviour trends and review how well the existing goals align with the business objectives. This informs a series of recommendations as to how we can close any gaps between those user and business desired outcomes.

Build the right thing

Strategic Report

Every year, we combine all the intelligence gathered into the yearly product strategy. At the same time, we survey the competition to understand market trends, strengths we should take note of, and weaknesses we should take advantage of.

We combine this with KPI progress, user behaviour insights, and product performance to create a strategy for the upcoming year.

With the right product management cadence, you can collect actionable insights that feed into a more informed, more effective product roadmap that prioritises creating the most value first.
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