Customer demands are changing across-the-board. The financial services industry, in particular, is at a tipping point. Tailored customer journeys are no longer a competitive advantage. In today’s increasingly mobile world, they’re an expectation. So, if your customers and clients are changing, how can you adapt your service offering to match?

On Wednesday 18th April, Paul Jarrett will be exploring the future of the mobile app experience at The Financial Gap event. Hosted by Codehouse, and featuring a range of expert speakers, the event will include an in-depth discussion about the future of financial services online. And the role that technology has to play in meeting your customers’ changing expectations.

Engage Your Customers with Mobile

Mobile has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. It’s our go-to for questions and conversations. So, mobile apps are the perfect platform for connecting with your customers. But as your users’ digital behaviour changes, so must your app experience as well as your app development.

Today’s user wants to do more with less and they’re happy to share their data with you to get this. Because if there’s one thing that your users crave, it’s a truly personalised experience from the very first time they open your app. But right now, only 52% of financial services companies offer even basic levels of personalisation.

Strict rules and legislation make moving fast difficult. But that won’t matter to your customer. So, you have to focus on providing a tailored experience if you wish to succeed. The minimum viable product concept (MVP) won’t be enough to meet today’s customer expectations. Instead, you have to focus on the MDP: the minimum desirable product

Because new users don’t care about the promise of future updates or upcoming features. Instead, they want a great user experience from the get-go across every platform, whether it’s Android or iOS.

Where to Start

The change-in-pace in the digital space is so fast. It’s hard to know where to start with mobile apps. But Paul Jarrett will give actionable insight and case-studies, showing how you can make sure your business app development supports your company’s goals. All while enhancing your user journey and delivering a better customer experience (CX).

To help you start, here are a few key questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Who are your customers? What’s their preferred way of interacting with your brand?
  • What are your business goals? How do they align with your customers’ needs?
  • Are you providing the best user experience possible? Will it be enough tomorrow?
  • At which points could you use technology to enhance your customer journey?

But these questions are only the beginning. If you want to learn more about the future of the financial services online experience, then register for this exclusive event today. It’s a must-attend for those who work in financial services. So, sign up now to find out how you can avoid being left behind.

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