We’re excited to share our latest creation from Sonin Create – sharing with bots.

We tasked the development teams on creating a useful tool for businesses that incorporated Bots, Chatbots or Messenger, and here’s what Team iOS came up with … Sonin Share.

Sonin Share is integrated into the iMessage network, allowing instant communication from inside and outside the office. It allows you to screenshot a web page or app screen on your phone, crop and annotate the screenshot, then send it directly to on of your contacts.

One of the biggest challenges when working on projects, for both agencies and clients, is miscommunication. Sonin share allows you to keep your message in context by providing the annotated screen shot, so the receiver knows exactly what object needs changing and how. Like this…

Because it sits within iMessenger, the user doesn’t need to load an app or exist the messenger application to use. It’s the perfect example of a frictionless app that utilising the devices core OS. It’s quick and convenient, and would work extremely well for many businesses that rely on clear information.

The Sonin Share prototype shows an efficient and effective way for two parties to communication with visuals, annotation and notes. We can look to expand this even further by including links to the original pages. Ass image filters to control the screenshot and even create annotated videos.

Our innovation lab, Create, gives us the ability to test out and experiment with new technologies, and more importantly, to explore how they can integrate with existing business processes or enhance them. Keep up to date with our latest Create projects by signing up to our newsletter today.

How can sharing with bots and the latest technology help you?

We know that despite an innovation strategy being a top priority for many businesses. However the majority don’t have the capacity to support creativity and innovation or have the funds to invest in it without seeing value first. So we’re here to give you the insights you need to turn a vision into reality.