Each week, we hear from one of the Sonin team about what gadgets, tech news or mobile stories they’re excited about. As well as the latest projects they’ve been working on. In the first few weeks already, we’ve covered a wide range of topics, from emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) to industry insights like finance app encryption. This month, we spoke to our mobile developer Elena, our <mobile developer Manj and our web developer Leon.

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This page was last updated on 25/05/2018

Weekly Mobile and Tech Insights from the Sonin Team

Elena – iOS Developer

“I’ve never listened to so much music since getting the HomePod! The sound quality is one reason but definitely not the only. Having an assistant for those little repetitive tasks like checking the weather forecast, setting a timer when I cook or sending a text is super handy. The HomePod uses Siri to interact with its environment and the sweet part is that it does this without me having to shout or lock myself in a silent space.

Despite Apple being the first to work on a voice assistant, though, it’s clear Siri can’t compete with Alexa or Google Assistant just yet. But with iOS 11 and SiriKit especially, Apple has shown they’re eager to change! And I’m looking forward to what’s next for the Homepod with multiple language handling as the first stop. Because it’s a disaster every time I want to play a song with a French title!”

Manj – Mobile Developer

“Security is always my topmost priority for every project. Especially at the moment, since I’m working on several different financial and user-data-sensitive apps.

In my opinion, app security should be dealt not only in-device but throughout the entire ecosystem including the network, extensions and key internet services. I mainly focus on system security i.e. integration of services, hardware and software on iOS devices. This way, I can ensure that each component is trusted as part of the system as a whole. By using Apple’s core APIs and the best approach to integrate different frameworks, we can prevent unauthorised access.

Thanks to my research into mobile data encryption and file protection, I’ve been able to secure the core-data and other important files, using keychain and an extra layer of encryption. App security is always going to be a challenge, but by keeping up-to-date with technology, I can continue delivering the best possible products for the users.”

Leon – Web Developer

“One of the things that is really important for me as a developer is staying on top of the tech I use to develop with. By this of course I mean joining in online discussions, on Github or Stackoverflow, about problems other developers have with their code to either help them out or to simply learn new ways of approaching a certain task that many of us find ourselves doing at one point in time.

If I’m not joining online discussions, then I make sure that I’m making use of the many tutorials from around the web.”

Alex – Mobile Developer

“As a developer, there is a vast array of tools I can leverage to assist with different parts of the development cycle. One of my favourite tools at the moment to use is Postman which is used for API development. It allows me to create complete API libraries and quickly distribute the documentation about the API with the team.”

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