Improve Business Performance: Communication

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To improve business performance remains a common objective for many businesses today, however to achieve it requires significant improvements to efficiency in many areas of the business. In a new series of articles, we’ll be addressing a number of challenges businesses face and how an enterprise mobile app could support these improvements.

In this article we’ll be focusing on Communications.

Businesses are losing an average of £8k per employee every year due to inefficient communications. Which for a company of over 250 staff equates to £2 million. Its impact on business performance is huge and it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

Communication, both internally and externally, is essential to the success of any business, and becomes increasingly important the larger the company and the more widespread the teams. But when we look at improving the efficiency of communication there are many factors to consider.

Today, the majority of communication takes place over email and employees are spending much of their day writing and replying to emails. A recent survey by Webtorials, Communications technologies and its impact on workplace productivity, revealed that business professionals spend over 20% of their day simply managing their emails, despite 80% believing email to be the most inefficient way of communicating.

We’re not suggesting email should ever be replaced, but businesses today need to consider its use in the workplace. It remains an efficient method for external communications, but when we discuss internal communications, businesses have alternative options.

Efficient communication needs to be instant, accessible from anywhere, easy to prioritise and available on the go. Which is why many businesses are investing in mobile and web apps to support their workforce.

Clear & Convenient

We receive a lot of emails throughout the day, direct emails, important notes, group emails and a lot of spam. Much of which we spend a large amount of time sifting through, sorting and prioritising.

It’s the intelligence of enterprise applications, that make then the ideal platform for today’s internal communications. Every business operates differently, and every employee communicates differently, which is why bespoke communications software supports each employee. Giving options for push notifications from certain people or channels, auto categorising general messages or messages about a specific topic/project.

Employees won’t receive spam messages, and it provides them with a central place to organise their workflows, between projects, threads and people. Supporting speedy and relevant responses, and an efficient way of communicating internally.

Communications become Conversations

The nature of emails means that conversations are often disjointed. More time is spent writing an email than any other form of communication, and therefore takes more time and often include multiple point. Email responses receive less engagement, can be rhetorical or not require a reply, and are generally much less personal than a direct conversation with a colleague.

Introducing an internal communications application within your business transforms traditional rigid email communications into engaging conversations between employees. Instant messages, with instant replies immediately break down the barriers of email, allowing more of a discussion and personal conversation.


For many teams, particularly remote teams, communications are difficult. Email communications can get lost, overlap or even change before the content has been read. And face to face communication isn’t always possible. When working collaboratively, it becomes particularly important to push efficient communication.

This is where an internal company app becomes most effective. Streamlining all group conversations into a single place. Slack for instance, is designed as a chat room with a series of channels that can be assigned to different groups. Including; departments, projects, teams or social groups. Allowing conversations to go back and forth instantaneously without the need to start a new email. Individuals can be notified when an action is required, or simply view the feeds in their own time.

Accessible wherever you are

With a rise in flexible and remote working, it’s become more important than ever to give your employees access to as much as possible wherever they are. An enterprise application gives your team the opportunity to keep in touch with colleagues wherever they are. Whilst away from their desks, out of the office, on their way to a meeting, or even during their morning commute.

It’s become crucial to have a communication tool that’s available easily on the go. It enables your remote employees to manage their messages wherever they are quickly and efficiently. No need to write long winded emails when a breakdown can be added to a dedicated project stream on an app.


Both web and mobile apps, offer a platform that allows direct communication, easy team collaboration and provides a personal work space to manage all communications. Employees can tailor notifications against importance, project or a person, avoiding being bombarded with spam or irrelevant messages.

Business performance improves when communications are clear, accessible, engaging and used intelligently to enhance business processes. With employees spending less time in their inboxes, they’ll have more time to focus on driving the business forward. Studies show that by providing your employees with an enterprise application, efficiency is increased by up to 40%.

Looking to Improve Business Performance?

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