Keen to improve your business performance? You’re not alone. It remains a core goal for many businesses today. But to achieve it, you’ll need to improve efficiency across the board in many areas of your company. And one of the most important areas is communication. Let’s look at how we can fix the communication challenge.

Fixing the Communication Challenge

Today, businesses are losing an average of £8000 per employee every year. Why? Thanks to inefficient communications. For a company of 125, that’s over £1 million. The impact of miscommunication on your business performance is huge. And it’s a problem that you need to address right now.

We all know the story. The larger your company becomes, the more widespread the teams. The back-and-forth between your employees becomes fractured across phone calls, emails and IMs. Suddenly, everyone seems to have a hundred different conversations to keep track of.

Did you know business professionals spend an average of four hours a day on emails? (Even though 80% believe email to be the most inefficient way of communicating). No, we’re not suggesting getting rid of emails! But we are saying you should reconsider their place in your business.

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Efficient Business Communication

How many emails do you receive in a day? Direct emails, important notes, group emails (shudder) and of course the usual spam. Be realistic, how much time do you spend sorting through all this?

Efficient communication should be instant, easy to prioritise and accessible from anywhere. Face it, that doesn’t describe email, does it? This is why so many businesses are turning to mobile apps to support their workforce.

Every business operates differently and every employee communicates differently. This is why a bespoke enterprise app is perfect. Because it can be tailored to your business and customised by each individual employee.

Your staff will be able to opt-in to push notifications from specific people or channels. Messages will be automatically categorised by the person, group or topic for quicker searching and filtering. This makes sure that everyone can keep track of important conversations. All while supporting speedy and relevant responses. And cutting down on the amount of time wasted on inefficient communications.

When Communications Become Conversations

Let’s face it, you spend more time writing an email than just about any other form of business communication. They receive less engagement, are often rhetorical or don’t need a reply and are way less personal than a direct conversation.

Instant messages break down the barriers of email, allowing for a more personal discussion. Turning formal and inefficient communications into conversations. All of these are still trackable and saved for future reference.

More Efficient Communication, More Collaboration

More and more employees are communicating on the go. Whether they’re full-time remote workers or on the road. Emails often overlap, get lost or completely change by the time they’ve been read and responded to. This is rarely worse than in group email chains.

However, an enterprise app will streamline all your group conversations into a series of channels. These can be for different departments, projects, teams or social groups. And they allow conversations to go back and forth instantly. Your employees can then get real-time notifications for important channels or simply catch up on threads in their own time.

Communication for Today’s Remote Worker

With the rise in flexible and remote working, it’s never been more important to give your employees access to as much as possible wherever they are. A custom business app does exactly this. It will give your team the opportunity to keep in touch. Even while they’re away from their desks, out of the office, on their way to a meeting or even during their morning commute.

Your business performance will improve when communications are clear, accessible and engaging. With your employees spending less time in their inboxes, they’ll have more time to drive your business forward. So, it’s no surprise that by giving your employees an enterprise app, you can increase efficiency by up to 40%.

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