We’re thrilled to announce our MD Paul Jarrett will be a guest speaker at the upcoming Executive Leaders Network in March. There, he’ll be talking about the way technology has changed how we interact with both people and brands. The app experience is evolving and your users’ expectations are evolving with it. So, your mobile strategy needs to change to match.

It’s essential that you find a harmony between you and your users’ needs. Whether you’re trying to connect with customers or engage employees, mobile is the key. It offers your users a unique experience that is personalised to their exact needs. But how do you know where do you start?

Paul’s Executive Leaders Network presentation will include actionable advice. So, you can identify the real opportunities for mobile in the future of your business. Because whatever your business goals are, return on your investment is priority number one. There’s no point just using tech for the sake of it. Paul will be exploring how you can develop a strategy that doesn’t only meet your users’ needs but supports your business growth too.

Previously at Executive Leaders Network

This will be the second time that Paul has spoken at an Executive Leaders Network event. Last year, Paul spoke to over 40 attendees about the Post-App Era and what it means for app development. Because looking forward, your customers and employees will expect to be able to do more with less.

Your mobile offering should be streamlined and task-specific. But this means you must be prepared for users spending less time in your app. The post-app era challenges the idea that time spent in an app is a good metric. Instead, you need to focus on how you can let your user accomplish their task as quickly as possible. Even if this means they never actually open your app!

You can read an overview of Paul’s talk on the Post App Era and download our accompanying whitepaper too.


How Can I Watch Paul’s Presentation?

We’ll be covering the day and Paul’s talk on the Sonin Twitter page. We’ll also be writing up a detailed overview afterwards. You can follow @soninapps for updates throughout the day. Or sign up to our newsletter for industry news and more insights into the future of mobile.

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