• Your employees will check their phones 5 times every hour. But enterprise mobility turns a potential distraction into a game-changing opportunity
  • Enterprise apps empower your employees, increase productivity and improve staff morale. The increased transparency improves your quality of service and boosts customer satisfaction.
  • But enterprise mobility isn’t without its challenges. Mobile security and ROI are two big considerations for any business keen to mobilise.
  • Your business goals should define your mobile app development. So, make sure every aspect of your enterprise solution aligns with a major goal.
  • To maximise ROI and ensure adoption, you should involve your employees at every stage of your app development.

The number of people using mobiles and tablets in the workplace has never been higher. In fact, we check our mobile phones 85 times every single day! That’s more than five times every hour in a typical 16-hour day. This rapid rise is universal. And it’s happening in your workplace. No matter what industry, sector or department you’re in. But embracing mobile will turn a potential distraction into a game-changing opportunity.

Enterprise Mobility – What You Need to Know

Enterprise Mobility describes your employees using their mobile devices in their day-to-day work. And an increasing number of remote workers using mobile to connect with you no matter where they are. This has many benefits for your business but also several challenges. So, understanding this trend is essential if you want to make the most of mobile in your workplace.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility

A rising number of companies are taking advantage of business apps and software. And many more are mobilising their entire business. This is because engaging with employees through mobile is a huge opportunity. It empowers your employees, increases productivity and improves staff morale. All while saving you money!

The mobilisation of your business also gives you insight into each step of your process. And this is one of the overarching benefits of an enterprise app. Everything can be monitored, tracked and reviewed at the touch of a button!

So, business apps help you to transform, they drive revenue and boost customer satisfaction. As with any new system or software, though, there are some challenges to address. But what are these pain points and how can you overcome them?

Challenges to Enterprise Mobility

Allowing more and more personal devices in your workplace presents several challenges. And mobile security is a big one. But it doesn’t have to be! Our MD Paul Jarrett explores the security precautions of enterprise apps in this webinar. The most effective way to ensure mobile security is to manage the systems, not the mobiles themselves. This, combined with a clear BYOD policy, will help you get the most from your enterprise app without the security risks attached.

One of the biggest considerations, though, is ensuring a return on your investment! 62% of IT leaders with a well-defined mobile strategy achieve ROI in less than twelve months! So, if your business is looking to double-down on mobile, you must have a focused strategy. One that’s detailed and revisited on a regular basis. But the most important part of your app strategy is setting the correct objectives. And it’s essential these align with your business goals. So, how can you ensure your business app supports your business goals?

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Setting Business Goals for Enterprise Mobility

Aligning your enterprise solution with your business goals is essential. If you’re still in the early stages, you don’t need to know all the specifics of your solution or mobile app. But you must be clear about what you want the end-result to be.

To help you define your business goals, we’ve put together a list of essential questions:

  • Where can you improve or enhance your customer experience?
  • Are there any gaps or inefficiencies in your business processes?
  • How does your service offering compare to my competitors?
  • How could you better motivate and engage with my employees?
  • Are any of your employees spending too much time on specific, low-level tasks?
  • How can you increase the business’s revenue?

By answering the above questions, you’ll know the goals that your app needs to help you achieve. Whether it’s streamlining your CX, increasing employee engagement or streamlining your internal processes. Establishing end goals is essential for defining the features and analytics of your app.

So, by now you should have a list of goals and priorities for improving your business. But how can mobile help you reach these goals? And how do you know which goals are best-suited to enterprise mobility?

Enterprise Mobility that Supports your Business Goals

After you’ve selected your business goals, you can begin to think about how your app can support each one. We’ve outlined a few of the most common business goals. And explored how business apps can support each one.

Cutting Costs and Increasing Revenue

Let’s say your priority is to cut costs and boost revenue. An essential part of this is reducing the amount of time wasted on low-level tasks. These are the little jobs that take lots of time thanks to excessive paperwork and over-complicated processes.

So, your focus should then be digitising these low-level workflows. And streamlining your employees’ process at the same time. Because this frees up your employees to focus on high-value or revenue-generating jobs.

Improving Customer Service

Another common business goal, regardless of your industry, is improving customer service. And a huge contributor towards poor customer service is not enough information. This leads to inefficiency and can slow down your response time significantly.

The more mobile a company is, the more responsive can be. With the added insight of enterprise mobility, you’ll be able to track issues in real-time. This makes you more responsive and lets you be more proactive when it comes to potential problems. So, you can empower your workforce and improve your quality of service at the same time.

Engaging and Motivating Employees

But no matter what your app is, employee engagement should always be a priority. So, a streamlined and intuitive User Experience (UX) is key! Your employees’ productivity relies on it! You can read more about engaging employees for enterprise mobility here. You must consult your employee at each step or app development. This ensures your app helps their day-to-day and doesn’t hinder it.

Business goals are what drive the entire app development process. These goals will define everything! From the app’s features to the future of your company. It’s essential that your enterprise app lines up with your goals. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a fantastic enterprise app… that none of your employees wants to use.

What’s next?

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