WWDC 2016: The Essential iOS Updates

With the highly-anticipated keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2016) taking place this afternoon, as expected there were a number of significant developments. From Siri/app integration, tvOS, iMessage and Apple Pay, here are our top headlines from the event.

First of all iOS 10 was officially unveiled which will contain a number of tantalising updates, as outlined below, which we can expect to see made available later on during the year.

Siri & third party app integration

This is potentially a game changer in iOS app development, and a significant moment for Apple and developers. Previously Apple have proven to be quite slow in offering developers access to different parts of their operating system, but arguably one of their most prominent features is soon to be made available, Siri.

Having Siri integrated into all third party apps is Apple’s attempt to take their digital assistant in the same direction as Google Now and the Amazon Echo, and make the app experience more immersive for all users. The update will mean that any developer can decide to integrate their app with Siri, which will give users more control over how they navigate through an app with voice control, and a lot quicker too. This will also allow app developers to be more imaginative with their app’s features that they deploy, and appeal more to an audience who will certainly welcome the new feature with open arms. Siri will also be made available on Mac on the next version of OS X.

Whether it be queuing up a song, skipping to the next article or downloading a document, with Siri integration, the possibilities are potentially endless.

iMessage overhaul

Apple’s iMessage app is getting a major overhaul with iOS 10. The app will now host a bunch of new animated effects and a feature which suggests emoji’s based on the text written. This can be done by using the new “tap to replace” feature will allow users to replace words in their messages to graphics.

Better still, iMessage is now being opened up to developers for the first time ever, which means that third-party apps can utilise the feature in their own app development.

Apple TV remote app

It appears that Apple have finally realised the potential of coinciding the Apple TV and iPhone device, and have seemingly come up with a innovative solution. We were shown the Apple TV remote app that can be installed onto iPhone devices and used to control tvOS, which has the same capabilities as the Siri remote. The app uses touch and voice to control Siri where you can also enter text with the regular keyboard.

3D touch expansion

The expansion of 3D touch on the home screen includes widgets for apps which doesn’t require users to launch their app to access its content. Whether this may be video content, an article or the latest scores, more of your content can be accessed by users who may not have time to launch the app in full.

Apple Pay is now on the web

This is a big deal for app developers wishing to tap in to existing e-commerce platforms. No more will shoppers have to keep on manually entering their credit card details and billing information when being items online. With Apple Pay on the web, users will be able to buy and check out much quicker when browsing in Safari, and authenticate purchases by using an iPhone and Apple Watch through Touch ID.

This feature will arrive on the scene by the end of the year as Apple continue to strengthen their mobile payment platform, and in more places including Switzerland, France and Hong Kong.

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