[VIDEO] What’s the future of mobile in the enterprise?

It’s an exciting time for the industry with technologies such as Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. Most exciting, however, is mobile’s place at the centre of all this! In our latest video, Sonin MD Paul Jarrett explores the role of mobile within the enterprise. As distributed workforces become more common, businesses need to look at how enterprise mobility is evolving and how they can use it boost their employees’ productivity or efficiency.

To do this, it’s vital that businesses engage with their employees to understand exactly what it is they do on a daily basis. With this understanding, businesses can ensure their app provides a seamless experience without duplicating work or their forcing employees back to old, outdated systems. Moving forward, businesses need to take a pro-active approach to new technologies and fully consider the possible applications to their industries.

Watch the full clip below or explore other useful insights on the Sonin YouTube channel.



In two weeks time, Paul will be talking in detail about the enterprise mobility in the post-app era at the upcoming Executive Leaders Network event. There he’ll be discussing the changes in enterprise mobility, the challenges businesses face and the preparation you must consider to meet the needs and expectations of your employees. Mobile apps will remain at the centre of mobility as we look for new and innovative ways for employees to complete their tasks more efficiently and easily.

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