Webinar: Enterprise Mobility, Security & BYOD

As more businesses continue to adopt enterprise mobility and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies into the workplace, there’s a growing need for organisations to safeguard their critical data. And with employees now using their personal devices and enterprise apps for work purposes, IT teams need to find a way of leveraging the latest technology whilst preventing unwanted scenarios of data theft and exposure.

Our Managing Director Paul Jarrett joined a panel of mobile and security experts and delivered an exclusive webinar with Info Security Magazine. He speaks about the benefits, trends and security precautions surrounding enterprise mobility, and also provides his personal predictions for 2017 and beyond. Other topics covered are:

  • The business drivers
  • The developing threat landscape
  • How BYOD might evolve
  • Emerging technologies in the future

Access the webinar in full

To listen to Paul and the other speakers head over to Info Security Magazine now for the full recording, where you’ll need to sign up beforehand to access the webinar. You can also access Paul’s exclusive slides through this portal too, and view them at any time.