[VIDEO] What’s the Right App Infrastructure?

When you’re in the app development stage, it’s important to consider how your users will be interacting with our app. The content or service you’re providing will determine how and when your users will use your app, and you’ll need to understand the timing of traffic in order to build the right app infrastructure.

Our Managing Director Paul Jarrett explains how this may vary. For instance if you’re producing a gambling app, you’ll receive a high volume of traffic on a weekend, or just before a sports match, meaning your infrastructure needs to cope with significant peaks and troughs of usage. On the other hand, if you’re developing a news forum, users will access it throughout the week, maybe every morning and evening. Alternatively, if you’re developing an enterprise app, the infrastructure will be set my your company guidelines, and therefore you might not have much flexibility, however it’s still important to understand how your app will be affected.

Watch the video above to hear the clip in full.

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