Think, Innovate & Create

innovation lab

Here at Sonin we’re passionate about technology and we would love to see more businesses and clients making the most of the latest tech. However, we know that despite innovation being a top priority for many businesses the majority don’t have the capacity to support it or have the funds to invest in it without seeing a real-life use case first.

So we’ve launched a new initiative to give you the insights you need to turn a vision into reality.

We introduce to you; Create.

We’re dedicating some of our time to think, innovate and create something new with the latest cutting-edge technology.

With only one rule, to use a piece of emerging tech, we’ll be experimenting with how new technology can benefit a business. From improving processes, developing new systems or creating new products, having a proof-of-concept on how the latest technology can integrate into a business gives us the insights our clients, new and existing, need to utilise it.

Some of our concepts include augmented reality, the IoT, integrating wearable devices, exploring new ways of coding and, following the recent public backing from UK government, virtual reality.

Watch this space for more details and concept reveals…