Why Internal Real Estate Apps Are Key

For estate agencies today wishing to maximise their workforce’s efficiency, lower costs and improve all-round transparency, developing real estate apps is now considered a must, with many agencies following suit. Since 2014 the number of smart devices managed in the enterprise has increased by more than 72%, as mobile enterprise continues to thrive.

With 76% of adults in the UK now using smartphones to obtain information, many estate agencies are rightly developing mobile apps as dedicated property searching tools. We’re all familiar with the mobile apps that Zoopla, Rightmove and Purplebricks have created, and that’s why they’re considered as market leaders. Mobile users require these types of apps when it comes to searching for their next property, making them an essential tool for any estate agency wishing to compete in the market.

Yet, as beneficial as these real estate apps are for agencies, mobile apps can be utilized far beyond marketing activity. The emergence of enterprise mobility is providing estate businesses of all statures with invaluable mobile tools to help address, improve and streamline their everyday internal processes. This also coincides with the fact that many estate agencies are already providing their workforce with smart technology (tablets and smartphones) to help with their work duties anyway.

So what are the three reasons why estate agencies should embrace enterprise apps:

More efficient and productive staff

Did you know that companies gain an extra 240 hours of work per year from employees due to remote mobile working? As estate agents work remotely on a daily basis it’s vital that they have access to software that suits their flexible work schedule and makes them work as efficiently as possible. For instance an in-app viewing schedule/itinerary, which would allow agents to organise their diaries and receive push notifications about their upcoming appointments 30 minutes prior.

An enterprise app would also address other internal processes to make staff more productive. Employees can update their individual sales pipelines, communicate with other members of staff, submit performance reports and conduct department feedback, which can all tie in with existing IT systems for clearer transparency going forward.

Estate agents should also be encouraged that by developing an enterprise app, they’ll be catering to a workforce who are already accustomed to using their smart devices for communication every day. This means that an app launch would be simpler for employees to grasp than you may have initially anticipated, and with minimal disruption to existing processes.

Reduced costs

Reducing costs will always remain a priority for businesses, and this is where mobile enterprise can assist estate agencies. Firstly mobile apps can discard existing paper processes, which are considered as unreliable, unsustainable and time-consuming, especially in the property industry which is extremely document-orientated. Tenancy agreements, deposit receipts and inventory checks all require signatures which can be signed straight from the app, converted into a PDF document and then sent directly to the required recipients.

Training modules within enterprise apps have also proven to reduce company costs. Compared to traditional training programmes where employees are required to dedicate many hours of their time, training apps allow workers to carry out modules gradually and at a time that suits them, which is a more cost-effective solution and less time-consuming to complete.

Clearer business insights

Enterprise apps also provide estate agencies with vital business insights that can be used with decision-making in their organisation. By deploying enterprise apps to members of staff you will be able to export information based on the data generated from their app, including their arrival and viewing times, sales pipeline and other information critical to their all-round performance.

As organizations continue to develop innovative mobile strategies, encompass enterprise technology and launch intelligent mobile applications, there is a growing need for estate agencies in the industry to follow suit. We’ve previously worked with a number of estate agencies on establishing their consumer and enterprise apps, who were in need of adopting a new digital strategy to improve their business in all areas.

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