The Benefits of Going Enterprise

It’s not just consumer apps that are taking the mobile world by storm, enterprise apps are also joining the party. They come packed with benefits for both internal and external requirements and are altering the way that business are operating, for the noticeable better!

You probably hear it on a daily basis but everything mobile is on the rise. That includes the amount of mobile devices currently available, the amount of apps available on various app stores and the amount of usage time recorded on them. According to a report published earlier this year 51% of all time spent on digital media is being done so via mobile apps, as mobile devices overtake desktop in their quest of become the dominant data usage platform.

With these statistics in the forefronts of our minds, it’s time that businesses start to think how they can capitalise and utilize the benefits these apps will bring. Embedding an enterprise app into the workplace will enhance a number of workplace-related factors. Whether you’re working for a large corporation or a small/middle-sized company, the benefit of establishing an enterprise app is that they’ll always remain universal.



As a business owner or a leader of a team you’ll agree that productivity in the workplace is vital. Productivity is a combination of saving time and maximising efficiency, with the ultimate aim of generating ROI with the least amount of fuss. An app will be able to facilitate this by providing instant internal communication, information to training resources and links to health and safety compliance documents, and more.

Last year the Harvard Business Review produced a report which stipulates that, when asked, organizations believed if given an enterprise app they believe that overall workplace productivity would rise by 40%.


Accessibility is another strong attribute of going enterprise. Information sent to an app can be accessed anywhere via a smartphone or tablet device, even in offline mode.

Users will also be able to access the app via the applicable store as they would a regular app, making it a straight forward and stress free action.

The app will also act as an additional aid to workers who aren’t able to access resources for reasons out their control. For instance he or she may wish to work from a coffee shop via a laptop however can’t locate a plug socket. In this instance the app shall prove to an equally adequate source which both increases productivity and prevent frustrating user scenarios.


An enterprise app can also improve communication amongst colleagues and customers alike. The app can facilitate a forum feature by where cluster groups are centralised for informal purposes.

Similarly the app can allow hierarchal figures to send messages to workers and schedule meetings. Like social media apps, notifications can be received in real-time to ensure that tasks can be actioned as soon as possible.

For Appearance Sake

If you’re considering constructing an enterprise app it’ll also make your company appear current, slick and technology savvy. You’ll also be joining a growing percentage of companies globally who are deploying mobile apps across their organization. Today, 1 in 5 tablets sold will specifically be used for enterprise use, accounting for 18% of all total worldwide sales.