Startup & Mobilise: The Highlights

On Wednesday 21st September our Managing Director Paul Jarrett delivered the Startup & Mobilise workshop, providing entrepreneurs and startups with the information they need to initialise, design and launch their mobile app business. We understand that the prospect of creating your own mobile app may be a daunting one, and this was the driving force behind the Startup & Mobilise event.

The evening was a huge success, with many individuals in attendance who were either in the midst of creating their own mobile app, or were looking for ways to bring their idea to life. It was fantastic to see such a range of ambitious mobile plans, and we’re thrilled that we could play our part in helping them bring their ideas to life.

Here are some of the evening’s highlights…

A large amount of smartphone users are actively using mobile apps

Smartphone Usage


Generating revenue through an app can be done in multiple ways



Planning an app must begin with establishing a minimal viable product (MVP) first

App Platform


Choosing your app’s demographic begins with selecting a mobile platform





The price of an app depends on the developer’s experience, resources and knowledge

Cost of app


Retaining your app users is vital to its continual growth

Retaining users


Marketing an app can be achieved in many ways

Marketing apps


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