(Marketing) Power To The Push Notification

Push notifications are a highly useful, highly effective, highly convenient method of distributing and measuring your outbound mobile communications. In terms of user engagement and directing users back towards your app there are a number of reasons why you should consider implementing push notification and view them as a highly valuable marketing asset. Using them wisely and thoroughly considering your content beforehand will put you in good stead for achieving your business goals, whatever they may be.

Push notifications allow you to inform your app users about pretty much anything (that relates to the app ofcourse!) even if the programme is closed. Whether it’s an update of a new blog, a discount on a new pair of shoes or even a new feature in a game, these can all be communicated quickly, securely and with ease. You’ll also be delivering your content directly to those that have taken the time and/or expense to download your your app, meaning that there’s an element of user interest even before you hit the send button. This makes getting your push notifications right the first time round all more important as you strive to draw your users back in and convert where you want them too.

Research undergone by responsys has pinpointed the benefits of facilitating push in your app through a handy infographic. Out of the selected consumers 68 percent said that they have enabled push notifications on their devices following their download, and that 70 percent found them to be a valuable source of app-related information. With these statistics in mind we dissect how and why push notifications should be used, and in turn how you can achieve your own set of impressive engagement statistics and hit those marketing targets.

Engage Users

The most important aspect of your app is that your users are fully engaged with what you’re offering, and this is where notifications can further enhance their overall experience. By offering a range of up-to-date, valuable, relevant and timely notifications you’ll be achieving the following with your users:

Sparking recognition – Many apps out there have a large user base who are inactive and require a prompt to continue using the app. Sending out push notifications will allow you to draw those that have deviated off course back in, and ofcourse those who use it on a day-to-day basis.

Increasing involvement – With push notifications you’re always going to achieve higher interaction rates than apps that aren’t. Naturally if we receive a push notification we feel compelled to look at its content as it’s on our homepage. Saying that don’t annoy users with “spam” like messages.

Saving time – push notifications mean that you’re getting your content to users before they get to you. If the content is relevant then you’ll actually be saving your users time in the process by reaching out to them first. Bare in mind that your user probably has a large amount of apps of their phone and isn’t going to visit every app on a daily basis.

Remember to frequently change the content of your push notifications as users will tire of your app if they’re getting sent the same thing time and time again. Keep the content rich and if possible make the notification appear that they haven’t been sent out in bulk and avoid exaggerated copy, 25% DISCOUNT! for example.

Behaviour Insight

When it comes to any marketing activity it’s all about collecting the data to justify your spend and make changes where required. One of the benefits of push notifications is that they can provide valuable information about your users, including interaction times, devices and platforms which can be used to gauge the best content and delivery times. You’ll then be able to tailor your push campaigns around the collected data for maximum user impact.

Simple Use

Push notifications are easy to engage with for users and are a lot less intrusive than emails. They’re more likely to react better to having a couple of push notifications on their home-screen rather than having to read through multiple emails to find the best content. Their simplistic and uncomplicated format means that only essential information will be received, making them user friendly and highly effective as a result. They’re also cheaper to produce and distribute than SMS which today undoubtedly is an outdated form of digital marketing.

Extra Communication

With push notifications you’re effectively embedding two highly useful communication channels with one another to provide an overall engaging experience. Your app is home to your main source of information/content whereas your notifications are there to alert your users of the essentials (deals, coupons, breaking news) to bring them back in. They are in fact a complimentary marketing channel that can be customized accordingly to appeal directly to individual sources, so ensure that they’re relevant and important enough to warrant their attention.

Push notifications play an important role in many of our app projects, including BMF Explore Thames and My Vet Program. Take a look for yourself and see if we can help you spread your app’s content far and wide.

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