The Post-App Era Whitepaper:

The driving force, the technology and the business opportunities

Coined by Gartner in 2016, the Post-App Era describes how the role of apps is changing. Apps are becoming increasingly important to our day-to-day but as our needs change and new technology becomes accessible the way in which we interact with them is evolving. This whitepaper explains the changes, what the next generation of apps looks like and what you need to do.

Download our Post-App Era white paper to understand the technology driving new mobile interactions and how you can prepare for the future.

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People we've had the pleasure to work with

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The Co-operative - The Men Of Rochdale Website
Stella Artois - Little White Lies iPhone app, Android app and Facebook Campaign
Encyclopaedia Britannica - Website
Shell Foundation - Website
SunGard Financial Services - Websites, Windows Apps, Facebook Campaign
British Museum - iPhone and Android App
Eli Lilly - iPhone App, Android App and eLearning Platform
Standard and Poors - Website
uMAXit - iPhone App, Android App, Website