Helping people design and customise their sofa’s in 3D, whilst placing the sofa in their room and drag dropping it to the perfect position.

Nabru specialise in manufacturing and retailing their own line of self assembly sofas. With their sofa builder designer app you can design a sofa that is tailor made for your room which takes both size and personal style into consideration.

Sonin were tasked with creating an iPad and iPhone friendly app where users were able customize their own sofas in 3D. The simple functionality of the app lets him or her take into consideration measurements, fabric, storage compartments and additional seating, whilst tallying up the overall amount along the way.

In addition to this, we also worked on creating a highly responsive and innovative 3D sofa builder on their website where by users can negotiate everything from texture to arm extensions.

Visit Nabru’s website now and have a go yourself, where you can also download the app.

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