Marketing an App With a Promotional Website

With so many resources available for app developers today, marketing an app has never been so simplistic. From blogging, securing press coverage, social media, email campaigns and attending networking events, it’s an exciting time to be considering app marketing.

In addition to these marketing channels, marketing an app via a promotional website is another great way of generating excitement prior, during and after you’ve deployed your mobile app, and if done correctly can get you well ahead of your competition. Whether you’re a B2C or B2B marketer, entrepreneur or startup undergoing your mobile app promotion, marketing through a promotional website can significantly enhance your brand’s awareness, generate a buzz amongst the online community way before your launch and most importantly, contribute to valuable signups and downloads. 

33% of consumers start mobile research with a branded website

We recently created a promotional website on behalf of our client Swonsong as they began their marketing push for their cross-platform mobile app.

A promotional website is designed to provide everything that your users need to know that about your app/business before they download it. It is, essentially, an extension of your app itself, but with a significantly higher reach! There are number of ways that in which a promotional website can achieve this larger reach. Here’s how:

1) Optimise for SEO

As for any website, blog or even social media platform out there, search engine optimisation (SEO) is key to driving organic traffic towards your brand, and there are two ways in which you can do this; keyword research and link building.

  • Keyword research – Free services such as Google Keyword Planner let you detect popular search terms that your users are using to to find products/services similar to yours. Make note of these and strategically place these around your website to improve your ranking on popular search engines.
  • Link building –  Building a promotional website will also give you a platform where bloggers and publications can link to, which will once again improve your search engine standings.

2) Run a PPC Campaign

If you’d like to expand your mobile app marketing efforts then you’ll be able to run specific PPC campaigns to help drive paid (in addition to your organic) traffic to your promotional website. You’ll be able to create a range of ads on Google and Bing that contain the keywords you carefully constructed whilst making your website SEO friendly. A promotional website also acts as a fantastic landing page when somebody has clicked on your ad with its basic, brochure-esque functionality.

3) Publish Content & Information

Building a promotional website will let you showcase all aspects of your app and business to the online community. We fortunately live in a society where we can access online material at the click of a button through digital and real-life environments. Think social media, websites and search engines, as well as networking events, trade shows and awards programmes. This makes it doubly important that the information you provide is accurate, effective and aligned with your brand. Think videos, blogs and podcasts, these can all be displayed on a promotional website.


Swonsong host promotional video content on their website

Swonsong host promotional video content on their website

4) Provide Call-to-Actions

A promotional website is a fantastic way of capturing useful data/information from visitors which will actively contribute to your marketing and sales efforts going forward. Think:

  • Email newsletter signups – If you have an official email newsletter you’ll be able to prompt visitors to sign up to receive the latest information about the app. This can vary from app release dates, updates, and when to expect new features.
  • Links to download stores – The most important feature of a promotional website is that it prompts your user to download your mobile app. Place these tactically around the website after pieces of information to encourage users to download and experience the real thing.

5) Link to Social Platforms

We’re also fortunate to live in a society where we can share information on demand thanks to the emergence of social media platforms, which can be used in two ways on a promotional website.

  • Links to your social platforms – You’ll be able to encourage your website traffic to engage with your businesses social media platforms, where you’ll also be able to share additional information about your product/services.
  • Sharing to personal platforms – If your users are excited by your app they’ll be able to share your promotional website through their personal social media platforms. This will then, in turn, encourage their friends and family to see what you can offer.


With a promotional website marketing an app has never been so simple, yet so effective, if done right. By adhering to these 5 simple steps this will put you and your app in good stead as your market it to your target audience, and establish yourself on the app scene. If you’d like to see our previous app projects (including promotional websites), then head over to our portfolio page now. Or get in touch via the LiveChat feature at the bottom right hand of your screen.

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