Full Recap of the Google Hardware Event

On Tuesday 4th October 2016 Google unveiled a range of new products and services to add to their fleet of hardware and software technology at the official Google Hardware event. From the new Pixel mobile phone to the introduction of Google Wi-Fi, Google have reinforced their desire to simplify and centralise all aspects of mobile users’ lives and provide a seamless experience at all times. As app developers, here’s everything that you need to know:

The Google Pixel landed

The eagerly anticipated Google Pixel smartphone was unveiled, and with it brings a number of slick features. Firstly it will run on Google Nougat which will give users access to app content without having to download it to their device, via Android’s ‘Instant Apps’ feature. The smartphone packs a 12.3 megapixel camera and an accompanying app that provides anyone with a Pixel device unlimited storage of full-resolution images via the cloud. Google’s Allo chat app also comes pre-installed on the device.

Google Assistant

Google also gave a pretty comprehensive demonstration of its Assistant feature (Google’s version of Siri), which will soon be live on all of its devices including mobiles, TV’s and speakers. One of the more interesting elements of its Assistant feature will be its capability to integrate with mobile apps and allow users to use apps without actually launching them. This will mean that ordering an Uber can be done simply by speaking with your Assistant, as well as many other apps in the future. One to watch…



A live example of app integration with Google Assistant


Google Daydream View VR

The Pixel smartphone’s release also coincides with Google’s brand new piece of hardware, the Daydream VR headset. You’ll be able to simply slot the smartphone (or other compatible devices) into the device where it’ll automatically take care of the syncing and orientation. It also comes with a VR controller with motion sensors and a clickable trackpad. This will  open up numerous VR opportunities for brands and startups.

Google Wi-Fi

Switching over to the home environment, Google WiFi was unveiled. The small router(s) can simply be dotted around the house for a perfect wireless signal at all times, by intelligently switching signals accordingly. There is also a companion mobile app which detects the devices that are connected to your network and lets you turn them off in an instant.

Google Home

The Google Home device is very much Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo, a compact speaker/microphone that allows users to command Google Assistant. Whether asking for a recipe, to play a song or ask who the president of the France is, Google Home will have you covered. It can also interact with your smartphone too, making ordering that cab just a bit easier!


On the whole the Google Hardware event was an interesting one, packed with new products and services that will certainly make app usage more immersive and simplified. If you’re looking to create an Android mobile app then we’d love to hear from you, by either visiting our contact us page or speaking to us via the LiveChat portal below.