February’s Mobile News

At Sonin we feel it’s important that we deliver the latest mobile news to our readers from an industry that is constantly evolving. Whether you’re new to mobile, an industry leader, a start-up or a multinational brand, having access to the latest mobile news is vital for your app development. Here are our top mobile news headlines so far in February.

Daimler invests in vehicle leasing and finance app


German multinational auto company Daimler (behind Mercedes-Benz and Smart) has revealed that it will be investing in a smartphone-based vehicle leasing and financing app. AutoGravity will allow customers to user their smartphones to browse a range of vehicles and select their finance offer. Bodo Uebber, member of the board of management at Daimler AG, says that the app has “the potential to revolutionise the sector for online financing”.

Source: Mobile Marketing

NHS VR app helps MRI scan anxiety


King’s College Hospital in London has developed a VR app named My MRI, which prepares children for upcoming MRI scans. The app takes the child through a first-person journey from entering the hospital, all the way to entering the machine itself. So far the app has received positive feedback amongst users and is further proof of how mobile technology is revolutionising the medical industry.

Source: Wired

Apprentice finalist releases DatePlay app


Former Apprentice finalist Vana Koutsomitis has released her dating app which she pitched as her business concept in 2015. The mobile app, DatePlay, matches individuals based on their hobbies and interests and then provides an overall compatibility rating, then allows individuals to converse in real-time. Vana revealed that she launched the app on Valentines Day to drive maximum downloads.

Source: BBC Tech

United Airlines to deploy enterprise apps to 50,000 devices


United Airlines is soon to deploy iOS apps to over 50,000 devices for its front-line employees. In a move to ‘drive the airline’s digital transformation and enhance how it serves customers’, the app will give flight attendants greater visibility in getting customers to gates for their connecting journeys, and give customer service staff increased flexibility.

Source: Enterprise Apps Tech

Divvy Parking app is solving Sydney’s parking crisis


Mobile app Divvy Parking has been launched in Sydney, which connects drivers with unused parking spaces owned by offices and hotels. Users can simply provide their vehicle’s registration number for authentication, and then park in a range of locations throughout Sydney once this been verified.

Source: BBC Tech

Google Maps goes even more real-time


Google will be rolling out an update to Google Maps which provides Android users with real-time information about nearby restaurants and traffic updates. By swiping upwards, users will be able to access a curated list of local places to eat and drink, see real-time ETA’s to home and work, and also view transport recommendations.

Source: Mobile Marketing

UAE Bank’s mobile app incorporates banking, lifestyle and fitness


Emirates NBD has launched a new digital banking app which it hopes will appeal to tech-savvy millennials, by incorporating mobile services and social media. Whilst featuring standard functionalities such as making payments and transferring funds, the app will also inform users of local events and even provides them with fitness data.

Source: Computer Weekly