Mobile First with Enterprise Apps

In addition to Google I/O 2016, this week saw the 6th Mobile First conference with MobileIron in San Francisco, a conference solely dedicated to enterprise mobility.

The three day conference, covering security, desktop vs. mobile management, deployments, optimization and strategy, proves that the opportunities in enterprise mobility are huge. More businesses are realizing that enterprise apps are becoming an essential and invaluable component of doing business worldwide.

Mobile technology is driving a huge shift in how people work together and collaborate, and completely revolutionizing the way businesses perform.

A key learning from MFC 2016 is that the industry is progressing incredibly quickly, and there is still a lot for businesses to learn about enterprise apps and the advantages they provide. The technology available today allows for a more comprehensive, long-term and scalable application than ever before. The latest applications are designed to adapt accordingly with business changes and growth and display a true return on investment.

The great thing about enterprise apps is that they can be developed to answer a specific business need and can integrate into the whole organisation or a single department. They really are as flexible as you need them to be. Whether you need to increase staff productivity, improve internal communication, streamline processes, automate administrative tasks or analyse business performance, an application can be developed.

The most significant benefit of enterprise mobility is that it gives business owners and senior staff the data they need to monitor business performance at the touch of a button, enabling them to make strategic decisions on the future of the business. Everything is tracked and monitored digitally, no need to scroll through numerous excel spreadsheets or rely on reports from individual staff.

We’ve worked with global multinationals, national companies and funded start-ups to create enterprise applications that have transformed their businesses. Our team of expert developers are on hand to explain the latest opportunities in enterprise mobile that suit your objectives.

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