[WEBINAR] When Digital Meets Employee Engagement: Remote Workforces

How to engage remote workforces

Using technology to engage remote workforces

As the use of technology within the workplace increases, remote workforces becomes the norm. And as Generation Z join the workforce, businesses are expected to use more technology. But how should businesses utilise technology for employee engagement?

This webinar, When Digital Meets Employee Engagement: Remote Workforces, is the first in a three part series where we discuss the use of technology for internal communications. In this first instalment, we’ll be focusing on using technology to engage remote workforces. Sonin MD Paul Jarrett, joined by theBLUEBALLROOM MD Kate Shanks, will explain how businesses can utilise technology for employee engagement.

During the webinar, we’ll cover questions like:

  • What challenges do companies face with remote workforces?
  • What are the most successful tools and technologies for communication?
  • How can you maintain a company culture when the majority of your employees work remotely?
  • How do you deal with security issues with remote apps?
  • What would be your top tip when engaging remote workforces?

25th October @ 11:00 AM

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With insight from Paul Jarrett and Kate Shanks:

Paul Jarrett started Sonin in 2009 and continues to lead the company as an innovative and exciting digital agency. Paul ensures Sonin stays at the forefront of the latest cutting-edge technologies. He frequently talks to businesses about the role of technology in their future.

Kate Shanks is passionate about bringing new thinking and energy to projects at theBLUEBALLROOM. Her seventeen year career spans a number of boutique agencies, working with a vast array of clients on all sorts of exciting projects.
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