5 Reasons to Deploy Mobile Intranet

Intranet platforms are used worldwide amongst large organisations and SME’s, and with them bring significant benefits to both employees and businesses that have them in place. If designed, built and launched well, intranets can have a fantastic impact on business processes.

However despite the benefits of intranet platforms, the truth is that they’re slowly deteriorating because of the emergence sophisticated enterprise and cloud-based software (including enterprise apps). Did you know that only 13% of employees reported using their intranet daily? From this statistic it’s clear that businesses need to re-consider their intranet offering in order to appeal to today’s employee. 

By 2017 over half of the organisations in the UK are likely to adopt flexible working

Today’s employee is becoming heavily dependent on mobile in the workplace, with 60% of workers stating that they use apps for work-related activity, and 25% already using department-specific apps. As mobile adoption rates in the workplace continue to rise through a combination of bring your own device (BYOD) policies and employees being offered mobile devices for work purposes, establishing a company mobile intranet platform must be seriously considered. Here’s what an intranet mobile app can bring:

1) Catering to today’s remote employee

Today’s employee is steadily sloping away from what we refer to as the ‘traditional’ office, working 9-5 hours in front of their desk with unprecedented access to their company intranet on their desktop/laptop device. Instead employees are now spending time away from the office environment with external meetings, travelling commitments or working from home. In today’s society businesses are becoming increasingly acceptant of employees working away from the office, in fact sometimes is encouraged. By 2017 over half of the organisations in the UK are likely to adopt flexible working. A mobile intranet will cater to this demographic.

2) Business content distribution

Businesses should always be looking to communicate with their employees on a range of internal topics, such as financial results, press mentions and internal vacancies, plus more. These can be created and distributed through a mobile intranet platform. Employees can access this information in the form of a news feed through their intranet app regardless of their location, so that nothing of business importance is missed.

3) Employee interaction & engagement

Internal communication is key for all businesses and a factor that mobile intranet can facilitate. Developing an enterprise app has the ability to get employees motivated and engaged via internal forums and social networks, which can also unite remote and office-based employees. You’ll also be to enable push notifications in the platform to encourage users to revisit the app if another employee has left a comment in the same forum.


You can encourage employee interaction through a mobile intranet platform

4) 24/7 feedback & suggestions

A mobile intranet platform will also allow employees to voice their opinions to senior members of staff should they feel an issue needs to be addressed or where they feel a service can be enhanced. These comments can be sent directly to senior members of staff with total discretion, establishing an communication platform for all employees.

5) Remote access to documents

As employees continue to work away from the ‘traditional’ office they’ll still need to access business-focused documents/information, which can be achieved by an intranet mobile app. Many intranet platforms today can prove to be unreliable as employees have trouble logging in remotely, which can take up valuable time in the process. Employees will be able to extract these documents with ease wherever they may be, even if they’re working in offline locations.


Establishing an employee intranet platform is just an example of how enterprise mobility can be adopted in the workplace to make employees more engaged, connected and efficient. The first step when developing mobile intranet is to ensure that your employees are engaged for enterprise mobility, then it’s on to designing the features to make it work for you.

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