Removing 100,000 cars’ worth of CO2e from the atmosphere

Helping companies like Citrix, Google and Microsoft to reduce their carbon footprints.
Helping leading sustainable IT consultancy Px3 to reduce the environmental impact of IT in organisations like Citrix, Google and Microsoft.


By 2056, we will have exhausted global carbon budgets.

Without action, we will exhaust our global carbon budgets by 2056. This will cause temperatures to increase 3% by the end of the century, resulting in sea level rises of 77cm and catastrophic impacts to our climate.

To remove the level of pollution created by IT and commuting alone, we would need a forest the size of Canada and Greenland combined. That’s why Px3, a leading sustainable IT consultancy, approached us to build a product that would give its clients a clearer overview of their carbon emissions.

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Making complex data easy-to-understand and act on.

We worked closely with Px3 to understand not just the goal for the product but the consultancy’s overarching vision: to help organisations enhance the planet, their people and productivity.

To do that, Px3 clients need accurate data that’s easy-to-understand and act on. From the first few sprints, our in-house design team emphasised accessibility above everything else. This ensures that users never experience any kind of cognitive overload as they move through the app but are still able to see all the essential readings from their dashboard.


Measuring emissions for companies like Google and Microsoft.

Combined IT and commuting create over 2.7bn tCO2e greenhouse gas emissions. But for many organisations, these numbers are just that. Leaders of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and PR campaigns need more than that.

That’s why, in addition to each client’s emission numbers, the Px3 app also presents users with a unique Real Life Impact assessment of their operations. This shows every organisation the estimated number of car equivalents for their emissions as well as the amount of forest required to offset their footprint.

Based on this, Px3 is then able to deliver a custom comparison between each client’s actual and potential emissions if they were to follow Px3’s recommendations. This is forecast over 1 month, 3 months and a year, giving organisations like Citrix, Google and Microsoft actionable insight into how they can enhance the planet.

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