Tatlin x Condo

Bringing together art collectors and dealers from around the world.

We worked with international art exhibition group Condo to transform the art world with Tatlin. The app makes it easy for art collectors to browse, track and purchase fine art wherever they are.

The Problem

Collectors and exhibitors were having trouble tracking pieces of art.

Art collecting is a billion-pound industry that sweeps across the globe. But collectors and exhibitors had trouble tracking art pieces and collections. So we were approached to develop the ultimate art app.

The core aim of Condo x Tatlin was to let users browse, follow and purchase art on-the-go. All of this in a way that was convenient and intuitive. Together, we created two versions of the art app. One was aimed exclusively at exhibitors and the other for collectors, giving each user group a fully personalised experience.

Tatlin Bespoke Art App


We interviewed art exhibitors and collectors to prove the problem.

We did an in-depth discovery phase to prove the problem. Through user interviews, we found that exhibitors and collectors did find visibility a key challenge. But we also asked users what other frustrations they faced and what features they would like to see in an art app.

One additional frustration we found during our research was that almost all available art systems are blanket catalogues. They were unorganised and had little to no personalisation. Collectors and exhibitors wanted a tailored experience to track specific pieces, artists and collections. So we made this a key focus during the development of the app.


Condo x Tatlin is now used by art collectors from all around the world.

We started at the beginning of the journey, making sure it was easy to upload and categorise artwork. We then added intuitive gesture controls so that users could quickly share, follow and save artwork.

We worked closely with our client behind Condo x Tatlin and selected collectors to define a ground-breaking art categorisation system. The app won the Bronze award for Best Use of Digital in the Media Sector at the Digital Impact Awards.

The app is available on the iOS store by invite only.

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